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MLM Lead Generation Tool: IBuzzPro Review

Voice broadcasting software has been around for several years now, but until just recently it was an expensive tool to use in network marketing prospecting.

IBuzz Pro is an online, pushbutton prospecting system that eliminates cold calling and purchasing expensive leads.

Voice broadcasting means that you can literally ‘talk’ to thousands of people a day. Being able to deliver a personal message can often be more meaningful, more persuasive, than an email. And in this time of super-sensitive spam filters, it is getting more difficult to reach prospects with our email communications.

Tried your luck on Google or Yahoo recently? If you are competing for our industry terms, such as network marketing business opportunities, or mlm leads — you probably know that advertising in this manner can get expensive. This is a unique way to combine offline and online prospecting, especially if your company’s policies limit what you can do and say on the internet.

How does iBuzz Pro work?

You record a couple of short messages. Next, choose some leads from the back office area (as many as you would like for a particular campaign) & download them into the web based Automatic Voice Broadcasting platform. Then… press the send button and the Voice Broadcaster will call everyone on your specified phone list and deliver your message (up to 1000 in minutes or up to 10,000 within an hour). To call this many people manually would take weeks, or even months. With the right message presented in a way that is compelling, you may begin to receive responses within hours, from serious prospects. They may call you direct, or they can be sent to an 800 number for a more detailed sizzle message…or they can be directed to a web site. It’s all up to you. This is like hiring hundreds of telemarketers to call your leads.

The system also includes free access to up to 15 million leads, which includes among others, geneaology lists of experienced network marketers. Also good to know — your list can be automatically scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List, as well as an internally generated do not call list for iBuzz Pro.

Why get IBuzz Pro?

One time purchase price for the voice broadcast system; 1.9 cents for 30 second calls and 3.9 cents for one minute calls. Free business opportunity and MLM leads; also free access to Business-to-Business leads; lower cost ongoing than pay per click, newspaper advertising and direct mail; earn extra income by referring the system to others, such as realtors, insurance agents and other networkers. Also helpful is the fact that you can upload your own leads list, purchased from another company, or just a list of your own contacts.

UPDATE BY ADMIN, June 2010:  I no longer use IBuzz, nor do I recommend it.  Not because it is a ‘bad company’ but because this method is becoming oversaturated and no longer cost effective. (in my opinion)  If you are using IBuzz with success, I welcome your comments below.


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