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MLM Lead Capture Pages: Attraction Marketing Strategy #3

MLM lead capture pages are the oxygen of successful online network marketers. (otherwise known as Renegade Network Marketers on this blog)

You probably know by now that the web sites provided by your company do a terrible job of converting visitors to sales. Not only do these sites provide information overload to a visitor, there is usually no thought given to capturing the email contact information of visitors. So…visitor comes…visitor clicks around…visitor gets confused by the huge amount of information…visitor leaves…and you have forever LOST that visitor.

The simplest thing to implement, right now is a lead capture page. Don’t ever, ever send prospects or web site traffic to your company replicated page again! I have seen estimates claiming that nearly 50,000 people search for business opportunities on the internet each and every day. You want to carve out your piece of that huge number of seekers and direct them to your personalized, custom page.

So where do you start? Whether you are new to the industry or not, you will want to begin immediately to learn the skills of internet network marketing. Still my favorite foundational program (online university, actually) for this step is Renegade University. Here you will learn, one by one, all of the components of your online marketing arsenal:

press releases
MySpace and Youtube
Social bookmarking
Email marketing
Ezine advertising

Next, you need a good lead capture page. If you don’t know how to build your own capture page, that’s not a problem. You can easily hire someone to build one or two pages. (and you will be surprised that it no longer costs an arm and a leg)

Three resources for hiring freelancers:


Or, you can choose an online marketing system that wraps around your business opportunity (in place of the company replicated web site). Just make sure that the system you choose has the option for customizing a lead capture page, with audio, photos and video.

Easiest and turnkey…purchase a service that has assorted capture pages already done, waiting for you to choose your favorite and start sending leads.

My top recommendation for quality and value is EZ Lead Capture. Several plans to fit every budget. This provider not only provides MLM lead capture pages, they also have designs for many other online business needs.

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