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Network Marketing Online? Magnetic Sponsoring & Renegade Network Marketer Explained…

Magnetic sponsoring, Online MLM Mastermind System, or the Renegade Network marketer?  Whether you are a brand new network marketer, or a seasoned network marketer, learning how to use the Internet for prospecting can be an overwhelming task. And figuring out a plan or system that best fits you and your skills can be confusing.

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely YES. Do you REALLY want to keep pestering friends, family and total strangers? (like that ever worked all that well anyway…but I digress)

Internet network marketing requires some very specific skill sets.  If you don’t  have these skills already, you must be willing to acquire them through hard work, studying and implementation.

You will have to push through obstacles and plenty of frustration.

I got a great email recently from a reader and I just had to share an excerpt:

“…Since, I’m new, if you wouldn’t mind breakdown what is my best/first step to marketing my business which is with NuSkin but realizing not sure if that’s the only product I want to promote. You mentioned Renegade, Magnetic Sponsoring, MLM mastermind and Attraction Marketing. Which is the best to get started or do all have separate things to contribute? The other one’s I’ve read good things about are: Site Build it, Traffic Force, Google Sniper and MLM System Pro.  So, I’m still confused if I need a lead generator (i.e sponsor daddy or Oprius) and how I get a lead page?

I’m fragmented, as you can tell, so any suggestions are appreciated…

It reminds me so much of my first year online and the feeling of nearly PARALYZING confusion!  So much information, so many methods, so many tools. How does one know where to begin? I love getting emails like this one and I want to offer the writer — and YOU — some clarification.

First of all, let’s clear some confusion about systems vs. ‘methods’.  Magnetic Sponsoring and the Renegade Network Marketer are methods. You might call them ‘systems’, but only in the way that you might refer to a blueprint or business plan as a system. They are NOT online marketing software systems, with included lead capture pages, email responders and such.

Method #1, Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring, authored by Mike Dillard, is a book that will create a major mindset shift for you.  It’s foundational for all online networkers, in my opinion. After reading this book several times through inside a one week (it’s an easy read), I finally had my ‘lightbulb’ moment about Attraction Marketing. This is a physical book and is about 60 pages. I sometimes carry it with me to car appointments,  hair appointments, etc and read parts of it again. Again, this is mostly about a mindset shift and selling vs. marketing. Once you purchase Magnetic Sponsoring, you are automatically an affiliate with his various programs.  The affiliate materials and training are well worth the small price of admission, in my opinion. Get your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring

Method #2, Renegade Network Marketer

The Renegade Network Marketer, written by Ann Sieg, is a 140+ page ebook download. It bought it first, then found Magnetic Sponsoring.  Ann’s book explains attraction marketing and why we MUST change our approach from ‘old school mlm tactics’ of bothering friends, family and complete strangers–and then she lays out a blueprint for applying attraction marketing on the Internet, starting with creating your own website(s).  As a Renegade Network Marketer purchaser, you are also a part of the affiliate program.  The affiliate training here is thorough, without being overwhelming.  This part of my purchase turned out to be the most useful to me over time, as it taught me the basics of affiliate marketing, in simple to understand terms.

As a side note, audio mp3 downloads are available inside the member area for the Renegade Network Marketer. This is a great way to get through the materials, even if you have very little free time.  Listen to the modules at the gym or while you are in the car. Mindset changes don’t typically occur within a few days. Personal development, at least in my case, is constant and ongoing. Get your copy of the Renegade Network Marketer

Online MLM Marketing and Prospecting Systems

Next we have the actual online mlm marketing systems:  Online MLM Mastermind System, Oprius, SponsorDaddy, MLM System Pro and so forth. These are lead generation/lead capture software systems. mlm internet lead generationThere are many ‘lead generation systems’ available.  Some are generic, meaning they can be used with any business opportunity.  Some are company-specific and are designed to help you promote your main mlm opportunity. Some are quite expensive, some are very inexpensive and YES, it can get very confusing to choose.

With these subscription-based systems, you will have access to personalized lead capture pages, email autoresponder systems, integrated tracking and lead management.  Some systems include informational videos to educate your prospects about network marketing, while others go to a whole new level and allow you to completely customize the pages. See my recommendations here: MLM Online Marketing and Prospecting Systems As I mentioned, there are numerous systems. My top recommendation right now is the Online MLM Mastermind system. It is for the more technically inclined, but the training videos and webinars provide the necessary guidance.

==>  Online MLM Mastermind System (now called the 7 Figure Networker)

One more thing that might be confusing to someone who is new to online network marketing is that you may have bumped into the Renegade Network Marketer and Renegade Professional training. What’s the deal?  Ann Sieg is co-owner of Renegade Professional.

It is an online training ‘university’ for online networkers, designed to take newbies through every step of Attraction Marketing and building a unique and compelling online presence.  It is a monthly subscription service ($49/monthly) that contains hundreds of hours of social media and internet marketing training, specifically geared to network marketers.  It can be purchased stand-alone, or you may find it a logical next step after obtaining the Renegade Network Marketer.

Find out more about The Renegade Network Marketer ebook

Focus On Your New Skills

In closing, I want to extend a final piece of advice.  Choose one or two methods of online marketing that appeal to you and that fit your skills.  Then stick to these two things ONLY.  Disregard, for now, trying to learn everything all at once.  It will only serve to paralyze you from implementing, moving forward and earning income. Inside these methods and programs, you will be exposed to blogging, lead capture pages, pay per click marketing, facebook marketing, myspace marketing, email marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization, squidoo, hub pages…and on and on and on.

Again, make the decision to choose only TWO areas of concentration.  Get these methods up and going.  Once you are comfortable and are seeing results, you might then learn another method. Remember, your time is precious. How are you spending it?  Implementation, not chasing after the latest ‘bright and shiny’ thing, will bring leads, new distributors and more income. I encourage your comments and questions. Don’t be shy…

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