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MLM…Home Business Opportunity…Network Marketing…? Now is the the Time

I received a fabulous email today from my GeneWize Life Sciences sponsor, Jenn. She is a gifted leader, online entrepreneur and mentor — I appreciate her insight on this very important issue.

The economy, and the unrelenting media coverage of every piece of bad news, has many people in panic mode…

Here’s a bit of what Jenn had to say today —

“There’s so much FEAR all around us right now, it’s hard not
to become part of it at least a bit.

For some, it’s a LOT.

Here’s my opinion. And I hope this helps move you from a
place of fear to empowerment today.

I believe we’re in a prime position in the home business
industry to capitalize on a huge amount of professional

Think about it for a moment.

People’s rent, mortgages and household expenses are going up,
while their paychecks (for the most part) are going down.

Whenever this happens, people start thinking about alternatives.
A new consciousness arises and they see clearly
(sometimes for the first time) that they need to take
CONTROL of their own financial future.

And today, more than ever, people are turning to the home
based business industry to gain some of this control.

Where else can you start a business on a tiny budget and
with dedicated effort build an organization that will
pay you an unlimited amount of income…for the rest of time?”

Well said, Jenn.

Note: webmaster is an independent affiliate of GeneWize Life Sciences

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