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MLM Company Review: MXI (Xocai)

A chocolate MLM plan? Okay, I thought I had heard it all…but this one was news to me!

Xocai (pronounced cho-sigh), a division of MXI, Inc., markets and distributes a line of healthy chocolate treats and protein bars. The compensation plan is a binary MLM plan and independent distributors can earn up to 50% commissions on their sales volume.

These so called ‘healthful chocolates’ are low glycemic, and contain Acai berry concentrate, giving each serving a high dose of potent antioxidants.

Cost to become a distributor? $35, plus shipping and handling, for a start up kit.

Learn more about Xocai at MXI’s corporate site.

Hello? It’s chocolate. And it’s healthy. As long as the taste is as good as they claim,
it sure sounds like a product that would sell, sell, sell.

Company is relatively new (three years old) so there is no long-term track record;
as with any binary MLM plan, you must recruit hundreds into each of the two legs in order to earn a substantial monthly income.

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