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A Blog can Drive Traffic to Your Website or Lead Capture Page

How a Blog is Integral to Your Online Network Marketing Efforts…

Whether you are a beginning network marketer just formulating ways to drive traffic your way, or an established Internet marketer trying to increase your traffic flow, a blog should be at the very center of your marketing efforts.

If you’re anything like I was at first, you’re asking yourself, “What exactly is a blog?” I had a basic idea of what one was, but I couldn’t discern what it was that set a blog apart from a website. Now that I know, I’ve found that the answer was quite obvious all along. It is content.

A blog (the term originated from a combination of the words ‘web’ and ‘log’) uses content and dialogue to drive traffic to your website or lead capture page. It does not have to have flashy design or sophisticated layout, like a website does. Blogs are about words.

This means two really good things for your business. First, a blog is easier to set up than a website, because it is simpler. Secondly, the search engines love them.

Because the articles and dialogues on a blog usually center around a general topic, like network marketing, or health and wellness, they are by nature keyword rich. The result is that blogs have an automatic way of drawing the search engine’s attention, and thus, attracting prospects.

Another thing the search engines love about blogs is that they are perpetually changing. Where websites remain static for given periods of time, Blogs are frequently updated as new developments occur or new thoughts are posted.

That may sound like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t have to be. Do you send follow-up emails to your leads list, or encouraging messages to your sales team? Post them on your blog. Since you are using your content to attract your target market, the people who come to your blog are bound to find the information useful too. New findings and tips are great things to add to your blog too. They go back to that principle of giving a real value before you expect to get anything from your prospects.

These prospects are likely to desire more value you from you, and won’t hesitate to give you their information when the blog brings them to your lead capture page. Why? Because your authoritative content, your documented experience, and your freely given help have pre-sold them on you.

A blog works for your business even when you are in bed or away from your office. It can build your prospects list continuously while you are developing other important aspects of your business.

A blog can also be used to monetize your prospecting, particularly if you are involved in affiliate programs you can promote, such as the Renegade Network Marketer system. Renegade University can show you, click-by-click, how to set up your blog ‘from scratch’, with affiliate commissions available for referring others.

Wondering how you can begin to see tangible results in Internet Network marketing?

I’m solving the mystery for you right here. It happens as the result of smart social marketing with a blog at the core.

Get a free network marketing blog started right away:


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