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MLM and Business Opportunity Leads: Part Two

Today’s topic is custom leads. This is a lead program specifically designed for your business opportunity. Custom campaigns will present your specific company, product(s) or service to a highly-qualified audience. The idea here is that highly-qualified leads, already exposed to your industry opportunity, will result in more closed sales.

Not every lead company is set up to do this type of program, since it requires creating various capture pages and customized video presentations. This type of lead is certainly not inexpensive, but will certainly bring high quality people into your marketing funnel. You will have to call these personally and close them. At the time of this posting, this type of lead can cost anywhere from $5-$15 each, depending on the vendor and the details of the program.

A related type of custom lead would be real-time custom redirect email leads. Some lead vendors will capture the lead and immediately redirect them into your online marketing system. This happens instantly and seamlessly, and your prospect is completely unaware. At the time of this posting, this type of lead generally costs $4-$10 each. I have tried this type of lead with several vendors in the past and have found them to be ‘good’, but not ‘great’. If you have good closing skills, the most effective leads are the custom phone leads.

One provider of custom leads that I located is New England Marketing. Remember to always do your own due diligence on the vendor. I have not used this company, nor am I affiliated with them.

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