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MLM and Business Opportunity Leads: Part Four

If you are going to market using bulk email campaigns, you must have large numbers on your side. Opt-in email leads, no matter the quality, will have to contend with spam filters and email blockers.
If you have a decent sales page, expect an opt-in rate to your offer at about half of one percent (.005%) To put that in perspective, if you want 100 fresh leads in your autoresponder system, looking at your offer, you will probably need around 20,000 email leads. Fortunately, this type of lead usually costs pennies per address, sometimes even less.

Be careful when choosing the list vendor. Make sure that the leads are targeted for the home business industry. (Leads targeted to cat owners won’t do you much good!) Also, each lead should come with validating information: name, mailing address, phone number,email address, IP address and Time/Date stamp. You need this information to avoid legal issues, should someone make a spam complaint against you. A lead vendor that only supplies name and email number is not to be trusted. This is an obvious indication that the addresses have been harvested without permission.

Choices will be ‘fresh’ leads (1-7 days old) and ‘old’ leads (may be 30-60 days old). The newer leads will definitely be more responsive; however if you are looking to buy a large amount of leads for very little money, you may find acceptable results from the older ones.

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