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Merchant Accounts and Online Payment Solutions for Network Marketers

Several months ago now, I had the most unpleasant wrath of Paypal come down on me and my internet-based network marketing business. It seems that using your PayPal account for multilevel marketing is a violation of the terms of use. Fortunately for me, the funds were finally released but the account is still frozen.

There are entire web sites devoted to Paypal horror stories. After reading some of these, I actually feel fortunate. My situation could have been much, much worse. My funds were eventually released; others have not been so lucky.

More Paypal horror stories

Now that you are doing business on the Internet, you need to be aware of problems with several payment solutions. Not only is Paypal freezing the accounts of online networkers, Google Checkout has been known to do the same. I am a Global Resorts representative and have a Link Point merchant account. Apparently, it is not always smooth sailing with this payment provider either, though I have not yet personally had problems.

I recently found a relatively new online payment solution called AlertPay. So far, no problems. It is free of charge and relatively simple to open a new account. The introductory rate for AlertPay is 2.5% per transaction. Some types of businesses may require a 3.9% fee. At this time, network marketers are welcome.

Open an AlertPay account.

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