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Mandura MLM Review

New MLM Company Caring For the World–Mandura

guest review by Barbara Pinyan
A fairly new MLM company that have just put their products on the market as of June 2009 are having no trouble enrolling new Independent Business Owners due to the ability to market products online without having to bug family and friends.
This type of recruiting is producing excitement throughout their company and allowing many ordinary people to set up their own home businesses.
They have set a strong foundation by covering all their bases with biblical influence, unique product, charitable giving and a unique compensation plan.
The only thing we can currently see holding this company back is its current placement worldwide which limits its market to people in the U.S. only.  However this is soon to change this year as they branch out from the U.S. into many other countries worldwide.

Mandura – The Company

The company that we are talking about is Mandura which began in 2008 in Middleburg, FL when top executives came together to create something of unique value that would help not only the local communities but the world with better health and financial security.  One of those top executives was Casey Yarbrough who joined forces with other top professionals to make Mandura one of the top supplemental drinks in the years to come.
Casey Yarbrough, who is one of Mandura’s founders and CEO, will tell you that he prayed long and hard to come up with the right compensation plan for Mandura.  He believes that spiritual guidance led him to create the first ever single line forced compensation plan for Mandura.  This plan lets all who enroll in Mandura the ability to collect on everyone’s team volume that enrolled after them no matter who in the company enrolled them.

Mandura – The Compensation Plan

To qualify for any compensation under you, your minimum cost would be the purchase of at least one bottle of product or $38.00.  However don’t think that you are going to get a free ride with this company, they have set the compensation plan up so that you also have to collect Group Volume to even qualify for the Team Volume that accumulates underneath of you.

Mandura – The Products

There are many products on the market right now in the form of supplemental juices from fruits around the world.  However most of those only contain 1 single fruit.  So Mandura has taken famous fruits such as the Mangosteen, North American Blueberry, Durian, Acai and Grape and combined them all into a supplemental drink.  So instead of the power of 1 they have the power of 5 that are filled with more nutritional benefits.  Even better they use the flash pasteurization in order to keep the fruit supplement free of preservatives.

Mandura- The Vision

Mandura is also making an effort to rid the world of hungry children.  An IBO can feel good in knowing that for every bottle of Mandura sold they are also feeding 1 hungry child.  Mandura was right on the front lines recently when Haiti needed help.  They bagged and sent over 7,000 meals to help out in their time of need and are still preparing to send more.
In conclusion Mandura has armed itself with a unique compensation plan, unique product, biblical presence with Mr. Yarbrough on Monday morning calls, and best of all the charitable giving.
For more information about how you can get started with Mandura contact an Independent Business Owner:
Barbara Pinyan
Home Business Consultant


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