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Low Cost MLM opportunity: JD Premium Products Review

JD Premium Products, formerly known as ‘Jerky Direct’, carries all natural, organic jerky meat snacks, fruit snacks, nutritional supplements and a non-toxic skin care line called Omega Radiance™.

Anyone can become a distributor and earn commissions by maintaining a very
modest $21/monthly autoship account.

Distributors may resell products, locally or over the Internet, to earn additional
income. Distributors may enroll Preferred Customers (autoship customers) and
Distributors (autoship members) to build a downline matrix. All autoship account
owners (both Preferred Customers and Distributors) are placed within their sponsor’s
Team Matrix, which has an unlimited width and is 7 levels deep.

Basic Program:
Distributors – A Distributor commits to purchase $12 or more of any product on a
monthly basis to maintain an active account. The distributor may earn commissions
on Jerky and Fruit Stix only.

Premium Program:
Distributors – A Distributor commits to purchase $21 or more of any product on a monthly basis to maintain an active Premium account. The Distributor may earn commissions on all products.

More information from the company’s web site:

“JD Distributor Program – Work from Home

Are you already spending $21 or more each month on products like nutritional supplements, skin care products, shampoo & conditioner, hand lotion, laundry detergent and meat snacks? Would you like to learn how you can have the items above… at no out-of-pocket cost to you?

Would you be interested in earning some extra monthly income, or building a passive, residual income with your own Home Business?

Then we ask that you take a look at our Distributor program and consider re-directing those purchases to JD Premium ProductsTM. By enrolling in our Distributor program, you can create a home business that will provide a healthier lifestyle for your family and put them on the road to freedom for generations to come.

If you like that idea, maybe others will like it too! Have you ever shared a great bargain with someone? When you maintain a $21 or higher autoship and you enroll others who do the same, you will earn commissions on all products purchased by them; and by those they enroll and those they enroll, etc.

Not only do you earn commissions on purchases made by your downline, but your own purchases will generate commissions to seven families who enrolled before you as well. Not only are you helping your family and those you enroll, you will be helping the folks who came before you!

We have No enrollment fees – simply maintain a monthly autoship of $21 or more for products you are already purchasing elsewhere.

What will you get when you enroll as a Distributor?

* Free website with a fully functional shopping cart for online sales – which accepts Visa & MasterCard
* Secure online business office to manage your account
* Participation in company promotions and contests.
* The opportunity to re-sell our products at a profit.
* The opportunity to build a downline for passive, residual income…”

Whether you are new to network marketing, or already have one or more opportunities in your portfolio, this program sure looks worth considering.

No sign up fees and you only have to maintain $21/per month autoship to qualify for commissions and residuals; Organic and natural foods are enjoying high demand currently; free distributor web site with integrated credit card acceptance.

As with any mlm opportunity, large downlines must be created and maintained in order to generate substantial income. Limited number of items in the product line.

Overall, I would give this one a big thumbs up.

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  • Greg Mathers August 28, 2009, 4:17 am

    I have been in Jerky Direct for 3 years now. Jerky Direct/JD Premium Products have gone through several changes during that time. It started out as Jerky Direct and just sold all natural Jerky. Jerky Direct then added other products such as Fruit Stix, Nutritional Care, Nutritional Care, Toxic Free Skin Care, Home Care, and Weight Loss. When these products were introduced the name “Jerky Direct” was not quite appropriate so they changed the name to JD Premium Products. After a while they realized that the Jerky and Fruit Stix products did not make a good fit with the rest of the products. They then decided to split the company along product lines which became official on October 1, 2008.
    I stayed in the Jerky Direct side and you can see more information about Jerky Direct at my blog “#1 Jerky Ramblings” http://jerkyd.blogspot.com/