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Lead Capture Pages for your Network Marketing Opportunity

Yesterday, we looked at the importance of building your own personal list, and managing that last with a personal autoresponder service.

Many business opportunity online systems provide turnkey (replicated) sites for the associates. They also include in-house autoresponders, so that when you drive leads into the system, the prospects will begin to immediately receive information and follow up.

The final component needed for effective list building is having your own custom lead capture page. This page is where the lead initially goes for information; once they have provided their contact information, then they are taken to the replicated site for your opportunity.

This was an intimidating and confusing detail in the early stages of my online network marketing business. HTML and CSS…not my strong suit!

After months of searching around, I finally located a couple of great options for getting your lead capture page(s) done. Some I have personally used, others I have not. You will need to delve into all the details with each one, to decide on the best fit for your skills and budget constraints.

EZ Lead Capture

Marketing Makeover Generator

Hire a freelancer:



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