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Review of Oprius Contact Management System

I have recommended several lead capture page products and systems here on NetworkMarketingReview.net — but nothing to date has caught my attention quite like the Oprius system.

There are many things to like about systems such as Marketing Makeover Generator, EZ Lead Capture and my new favorite find, MLM Brilliance; however, I have been personally searching for a low-cost, flexible and intuitive system to recommend to new online network marketers.

Recently, I enrolled in GeneWize Life Sciences, which officially opens on August 1, 2008. (tomorrow)
This company, being absolutely brand new, does not have an officially endorsed marketing system or lead capture system of any kind. I do know my way around Frontpage a bit, so I was able to create something to get my marketing started. Had I known about the lead capture page feature inside Oprius, this would have saved a LOT of time. Some of my team members would have undoubtedly appreciated this tool as well.

Are you in a new or existing opportunity that does not have anything for you to use? Are you a new Renegade Network Marketer, still struggling with the learning curve? While you are putting your marketing in place, a simple (and inexpensive, I might add) system such as this can help to take the pressure off. Whether you choose this system, or something else currently available, I do recommend that you use something turn-key at the very beginning. Knowing that you have lead capture pages up and running, while you concentrate your time and effort elsewhere will help to alleviate information overload.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone today with a VP of sales for Oprius and got a personal walk through of everything. The cost? Less than $15 per month. And, it is far more than lead capture pages. It’s an entire network marketer business hub. I will be able to eliminate…and consolidate…save money and be a bit more focused.


Autoresponder system
To Do List
Complete Contact Management
Lead capture pages (fully customized by you; add video code if you like)
Phone call scheduler
Browser-based, so you can access it from anywhere
128-bit encryption for your security
Automated back-ups of your data
Cost: $14.99/month

There is a 30-day free trial period, so you can get a feel for the Oprius Contact Management Software without any risk whatsoever.

Low cost, flexible and intuitive interface. Trial period offered. Live training calls and full product support team. Can be used by sales professionals and small business owners of all kinds. Browser-based means that you will never have to deal with software upgrades, nor will you have to install it on your computer.

You must create your lead page copy entirely on your own. If you are wanting something pre-written, the lead capture pages here will require some additional time and effort.

Get your Oprius trial here.

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  • Lead Capture System August 28, 2008, 12:53 am

    I have been personally searching for a low-cost, flexible and intuitive system to recommend to new online network marketers.