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Network Marketing Review – Jockey Person to Person Consultant Opportunity

The Jockey Person to Person business opportunity is a way to earn extra income by direct sales of activewear and sleepwear. (Yes, this is THE same Jockey that you know and love) Jockey Person to Person consultants conduct sales primarily through home parties and replicated consultant web sites.

The company is headquartered in Kenosha, WI. The direct sales business opportunity was first offered in 2005.

Consultants can get started by purchasing a business building kit for $199. (at the time of this posting) The kit includes product samples, in-depth training guides, order forms, catalogs and other needed items for your business.

Commissions on sales range from 25%-40% and leaders can earn an additional 7-10% on the retail sales of team members. There is no inventory to buy or store

Friends who agree to act as ‘hostess’ for a home party will be compensated with merchandise discounts (half price products) and a percentage of the party sales. (And the hostess program is funded entirely by Jockey Person to Person)

What kind of income can you expect to earn? Well, let’s take a look at a theoretical home party, where 15 people attend. If each person purchases $50 in merchandise, that would result in $750 total gross sales. Consultant commissions range from 25% ($187.50) up to 40% ($300). Do this a couple of times per month and you could earn an extra $1,000 for your household.

Well known and respected clothing name brand; relatively low cost to start up; no need to maintain inventory (and thus tie up your cash); generous commissions; member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) which ensures a commitment to ethical business practices and consumer services.

Direct sales opportunities do not typically produce huge amounts of monthly residual income…while your earnings are better on the front end, you will need to continually book home parties to keep the income rolling in. You can earn 7-10% on the sales of your team members, but that assumes that they are also continuing to sell.

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  • Mary Schifano June 18, 2008, 2:38 am

    This is the most amazing company! I joined Jockey P2P prior to them opening their doors and it has truly been a life changing experience! I have 5 children and am currently making more then my husband in 3 short years working around my family’s busy schedule PART TIME! There are so many fabulous direct selling companies out there I believe every women should give this type of business a try.

  • nomoremlm4me November 5, 2008, 11:53 pm

    There is no way you are earning that much money (questionable anyway) working part-time. If you truly tracked all the time you spent calling, prepping, giving parties, entering orders, stalking women to convince them to have a party, make more calls to try to keep these parties to hold, etc etc etc., you would be working at least 40-50 hours per week. MLM’s (multi-level marketing companies) are usually not a good proposition – 99% of participants end up losing money!

  • Mary Schifano March 23, 2009, 12:31 pm

    WOW! Guess you had a bad experience. I feel for you! I do not stalk women. I guess attitude is everything and with a bad attitude you won’t succeed in anything you do.