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Is Network Marketing a Scam?

I have been corresponding with one of my newsletter subscribers, who happens to live in Ireland. She’s been studying carefully the idea of network marketing, but shared with me that there is a great deal of skepticism about MLMs in her country.

If you are from just about any country, I don’t have to tell you that there are plenty of naysayers about what we do, why we do it and our methods of sales/marketing!

The fact is, there will always be those who misunderstand the business structure — and no matter what we say, they will shout ‘pyramid scheme, pyramid scheme!’

There will always be those who believe that network marketing is a complete scam, and regardless of the evidence, these people will not be convinced otherwise. (And yes, of course, I am aware that there ARE, in fact, some scams out there, which perpetuate this image…)

I offered the following comments and advice, which I hope will be helpful to others as well. It is my opinion that internet-based network marketing is the wave of the future. It’s going to eventually make network marketing more mainstream AND it’s going to make network marketing more profitable and less stressful. (No more bothering friends and family. I’m all for that.)

“I completely understand (and appreciate) your concerns about network marketing, as a small percentage of them have given the larger mass a bad name over the years…

As for which opportunity to choose? There are plenty of choices. Find something that resonates with you personally, or that inspires some passion of yours, like cooking or wellness.


1. Carefully choose your sponsor. Make certain that they know about the Internet Marketing angle; make sure they can teach YOU how to use the internet marketing ideas as well. NONE of that ‘tell your friends and family’ thing. It won’t last long term for you. You want to reach out to other like-minded people. You will find greater numbers of networkers by leveraging the internet. (Just like you found me, for example!)

2. Make sure that the company is positioned for selling your products and recruiting new distributors on the internet. I have recently stopped marketing my first MLM company. They just will not allow us to do much of anything, except warm market (telling friends and family). In fact, if you are found to be advertising their products directly on the web, you can be stripped of your associate status.

3. Don’t discount the important of personal development and mindset, when you decide to make a go of it. Other people, who are not entrepreneurs at heart, will discourage you and tell you that it’s a scam, tell you that you will fail, etc. This is what people do. Just be aware of the potential naysayers. Guard your heart. Guard your mind. Believe in yourself. Connect with others who have the same passions and desires. You will need one another…”

Is network marketing a scam? It may appear that many distributors who are spending way too much time and throwing way too much money into their business, without turning a profit. I can certainly relate. I’ve been there myself. The cure, as I see it, is not simple, nor is it easy. But it is something most people CAN do. It’s not luck or circumstance. It’s EDUCATION. It’s new SKILLS. It’s MARKETING and not sales. It’s MINDSET and personal development.

So to all of you struggling networkers out there, be encouraged…

If you want to begin your ‘internet network marketing training’, I suggest you begin with one of the following links:

Renegade Network Marketer

Renegade University

Your partner in network marketing success,

Cathy Yeatts

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