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Income Ideas for Work at Home Moms: Network Marketing and Direct Sales

If you are a mom, looking to create a healthy part-time income from home, you will need a business that will fit into your hectic schedule. Consider the flexibility of direct sales and network marketing companies. Or if you have a particular skill or talent, you might start some sort of service-based business.

Are you a good organizer? Charge clients for closet organization services. Are you a musician? You could teach private lessons on a part-time basis from your home. Other ideas would be baby sitting services, dog sitting, bookkeeping, housekeeping and landscaping. Word of mouth advertising will keep satisfied clients coming your way. The cost to start up may be less than fifty dollars.

Direct sales opportunities will require that you are comfortable meeting new people and presenting your product to groups of people. Examples of this type of business would be cosmetics, costume jewelry sales, kitchen gadgets, cookware, soy candles, designer handbags and pet supplies. Sales are done through print catalogs and showcasing limited quantities of product samples. Other opportunities have you sell your products by hosting in-home parties for friends and family. Personal referrals are an important part of this type of business. Start-up costs for this type of business are usually less than two hundred dollars.

Another segment of the direct sales business opportunity realm are often referred to as ‘top-tier’ opportunities. These have higher cost of entry, but the commissions are significantly higher as well.

Examples of direct sales companies, reviewed on this site:

Global Resorts
Discovery Toys

Multi-level marketing companies distribute their products and services through independent consultants, sometimes called ‘associates’ or ‘distributors’. Commissions are earned for retail sales, but the significant income is a result of residuals on the sales income of your entire organization. Learn how to create a down line of a thousand buyers and you will have created a full-time income. This has been a difficult feat to accomplish in years past, using only warm market prospecting; however the internet offers many new avenues for product sales and business opportunity seekers to enroll with you.

Network marketing business opportunities are available in many different flavors — nutrition/supplements, beauty/skin care, electricity providers, travel, pet food and related products, financial services and debt reduction plans, health insurance discounts — there is even a healthy chocolate MLM company!

Examples of mlm companies, reviewed on this site:

Ambit Energy
GeneWize Life Sciences
Liquidity International
And dozens more…

The majority of the businesses do not require that you maintain an inventory; remember, though, that the income is based on sales and sales volume. Most will require that you maintain a monthly purchase amount of your own, in order to remain qualified for commissions. This monthly amount varies by company, but usually ranges between $50 and $150. Start up costs for most MLM companies is typically less than $150.

Pros of Direct Sales:
Direct sales will produce higher front end earnings than traditional multilevel marketing.

Cons of Direct Sales:
It is less team-oriented and more dependent on your ability to produce new sales consistently. Many comp plans to include overrides and bonuses for the sales of your organization, but keep in mind that you will need to continue your personal selling, in order to create a solid income.

Pros of MLM/Network Marketing:
Compensation plan will produce higher earnings, called ‘residuals’, over time. These earnings will be based on the overall sales volume of your down line organization. This is a more team-oriented approach to building a home business.

Cons of MLM/Network Marketing:
Smaller start up cost means less financial leverage. You will need to create a downline organization of hundreds, if not thousands of people, to create a healthy monthly income.

Learn the foundational skills of internet network marketing and you will greatly improve your odds of network marketing profits and success.

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