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Ignite Energy MLM Opportunity Overview

Ignite Business Opportunity – A Closer Look


Ignite is the wholly owned marketing arm for Stream Energy, a Texas-based energy company. Through its Ignite Independent Associates (IA), Stream Energy gathers a base of customers, usually friends, family or co-workers of the Independent Associates.

At this time, Ignite’s MLM opportunity is not available in all 50 states, though there are plans to expand. (Georgia is mentioned as being the next possible market to open up, according to the company’s web site)

There is no charge for new customers to change electric providers, nor does it result in any type of service interruption. The billing changes, but from what I can tell, that’s the only change evident if you decide to enroll as an IA or a customer of an IA.

The cost is $329.00 to enroll and there is an optional monthly web site fee of $19.95. The annual renewal fee for the IA’s account is currently $99. Customers can choose from three plans:

  • Green and Clean
  • Fixed Rate
  • Monthly variable rate

What are the electric rates? The rates are competitive with other providers in the marketplace at large. The potential savings will depend on what plan is chosen, and what company that customer is currently using.

Ignite Business Opportunity Pros and Cons


No inventory to stock. No monthly autoships of physical product. No upfront cost for your customers to make the switch. Moderately low cost of entry at $329. Everyone uses electricity…

From what I can tell, you will need to have at least ten customers current every month, in order to qualify for commissions. And, as with any other MLM I have seen, you will actually need hundreds, if not thousands of accounts, in order to earn a substantial income. (The good news is, when you combine Internet Marketing with your network marketing, these types of numbers become a lot more possible)

To learn more information, and find out about meetings in your area, visit Igniteinc.com.

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  • Sue Allison April 18, 2008, 8:54 pm

    Hi Cathy!
    This is Sue Allison from Sanger, TX. Thank you for giving Ignite some additional press on your review website. I am an Ignite Associate and wanted to let you know that the company no longer has a $99/year requirement to remain an Associate in Ignite. When you pay the initial $329, you are in forever. Also, there is only a 10 customer requirement, not 10 customers/month. As an Associate promotes through the compensation plan, the most they are required to obtain is 20 customers total. Pretty neat, huh? Of course, in network marketing, we are paid on the monthly energy bills of our customers and the customers of our downline organization plus other bonuses. No product to reorder. It is a recession proof business! Also, natural gas has been deregulated in a large part of Georgia and we will be enrolling natural gas customers in Georgia on April 21, 2008. We are expected to open for business in another state in the middle of this summer with electricity and natural gas. Stay tuned and thanks again for the write up!

    Sue Allison
    Sanger, Tx

  • Terry Barnes April 22, 2010, 3:50 am

    Just wanted to post an update..the enrollment fee has gone down to $299 and you can almost immediately get $200 back by taking the initial qualifications steps.

    Great business that marries the power of mlm with a life essential service.