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How to Do Network Marketing Online (When You are Not a Techie)

Marketing your mlm business opportunity can take many forms: person to person selling, newspaper ads, magazine ads, sizzle cards–and my preference, Internet Marketing.

The problem that most home based business owners face is not enough cash flow, initially, to grow the business.

And without cash flow, your new business will die completely within a period of months. It is frustrating and it can seem overwhelming to decide on a means of promotion.

This article will focus on some simple internet marketing strategies, that just about anyone can implement, as long as you have:

  • basic computer and email skills
  • some time to commit to learning AND…
  • some time to commit to DOING.

The most basic marketing strategy online is a personal business website. You may not know much right now about search engine optimization, html code and graphic design — but in the beginning, we all have to start somewhere. And remember what I said above about DOING?

There are services online that offer build-it-yourself, template sites that you can put together yourself, within a few hours (or a few days at the most.)

Many people get hung up on the fact that their site must be PERFECT or their articles and site content have to be A+ professional quality. Yes, of course, we want to put our best foot forward, when connecting with potential customers and business partners.

However, my advice is to find a way to IMPLEMENT TODAY. (and this is because I have made the same mistakes myself…)

Information Overload is a serious problem. It can swallow you quickly if you allow it. So instead of learning more strategies today, or watching another training video today about your company, choose today to DO something like a website. Make it a goal and get it done.

You can edit the content later. You can learn (or hire out) search engine optimization. What is important is that you get some forward motion in your home based business.=) Okay, now get going!

I recommend the following plans for building a simple business website:

1)Get everything you need for a great web site with Yahoo! Web Hosting – 35% off

2)Get a FREE custom domain name for your new website when you sign up with the Yola Silver package. Learn More!

I created a website. You can too!

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  • Jonathan September 29, 2010, 3:16 pm

    Hey thanks for this post. I agree a business website can definitely help with credibility to others. The only thing is that some prospects may also feel they need a website as well, and back off because it seems overwhelming. I think the best is to be as duplicable as possible. For me, facebook is a great way to have a profile which talk about yourself in a positive and meaningful way, and network with others with the right questions and right communication skills! You can meet so many people there, get them on the phone, bring them to a company tool, and bring them right into your business. They feel good about it, and can duplicate what you’ve done! This is my favorite way to internet market 🙂 Yes I agree though websites do make you more attractive. Peace and blessings.