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How to choose the best mlm opportunity

This is a question that comes up often in forums and articles. Thousands of mlm opportunites means thousands of opinions. Let the bragging begin!

  • “My company has been around for 50 years…”
  • “My company’s products are backed by more research dollars…”
  • “My company’s vitamins are the most potent on the market…”
  • “My company is better than sliced bread…”
  • “Oh yeah, well my company INVENTED sliced bread…”
  • Truth be told, there are some specific characteristics to look for in a new mlm/network marketing business opportunity. In my opinion, you want to look at the following things before making a decision:

    Compensation Plan. Can you understand it? What exactly must you do in order to be paid? Do you make retail commissions? Commissions for sponsoring new members? Residuals (overrides) on the sales volume in your organization?

    The product(s). Is it unique? Is it in demand? Is there value in the price? Or is it overpriced? Is it consumable? (this, of course, means repeat buyers)

    The company. Is it a brand new start up? (could be risky) After about 3 years, the company should be in a growth phase? (is it?) After about 8-10 years, the company should be mature and stable. (but still, don’t believe everything you see or hear…do your due diligence)

    The support system. In my opinion, this is THE most critical aspect to consider.

    In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that it’s more important ‘who’ you join than ‘what’ you join.

    If your upline is clueless, how are you going to be supported in success? If you have called several people to inquire about opportunities, have they responded in a timely manner? Do they promptly return emails? If they won’t do that before they have your money, what makes you think that will suddenly change?

    Look for a sponsor who knows and understands ‘internet network marketing’. Not only that, question your would-be sponsor about how they will train you and mentor you in this new direction. Will they help you with a personal web site? Show you how to set up your own autoresponder? Teach you how to use MySpace and Youtube to generate leads and business partners?

    If you are new to ‘internet network marketing’, or you have downline members struggling to learn, here are two solid resources.

    The Renegade University

    Magnetic Sponsoring

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