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How and Where Do You Advertise Your Lead Capture Page?

One of the most critical tools in your success arsenal online is an effective lead capture page. You see them all the time and you probably enter your name and contact information into this type of page on a daily basis, if you do any amount of surfing.

This is one service out there that is priced right and looks to be good quality. Here is part one of the article: “How and Where Do You Advertise your Leap Capture Page?”

by Carl Sorensen

The first question most of you will probably ask is…

“What’s a lead capture page?”

I’ll give a very quick short definition. I have written other articles that will explain what a lead capture page is in much greater detail. Basically a lead capture page is a simple, one page website that will showcase all or a few key points about your business opportunity and/or products. Obviously a lead capture page has a web form located on the page that will allow a visitor to enter their contact details if they would like some more information.

When someone submits their information to your lead capture page you’ll have a fresh, real-time prospect in your email inbox and they will be waiting for you to contact them about your business. This is someone who has requested information about your specific business or product and this makes for some super high quality leads.

The one major problem facing nearly every home based business person especially those not savvy with online marketing is that they just don’t know how or where to advertise their lead capture pages to generate consistent and positive results. Having your own personal lead generation campaigns is obviously an extremely desirable marketing approach but without the “advertising” portion of the equation you’re still going to be left high and dry with a great lead capture page and absolutely zero fresh leads.

This article will explain a few different lead capture page advertising methods that you can employ into your lead generation campaigns. Hopefully these ideas will get your own creativity churning along as there truly is no limit to where and how you can advertise these pages so long as you don’t use SPAM.

If you’re serious about promoting a lead capture page you need to have your own domain name which you can easily forward to your lead capture page just like you would forward your home phone to your cell phone. Visitors can type in your web address (domain name) and they will end up directly on your lead capture page. This is essential for a long term campaign across multiple marketing venues. You want something short, snappy and extremely easy to remember.

To run any successful lead generation campaign you need a plan! Seriously… How does that old saying go? “If you fail to plan – you plan to fail!” Part of the careful planning you’ll need to undertake before promoting your lead capture page is going to be WHO your target market is and HOW you can word your lead capture page to attract that specific type of prospect. Next and even more important is WHERE you are going to advertise to find these golden prospects. Target marketing is a wonderful thing for the savvy marketing person … With the right advertising platform your identified “target market” could produce you a very significant stream of real-time self generated leads of a quality that will NEVER be matched by any of the lead retailers.

So your first step in determining where you want to advertise would be to figure out WHERE prospects interested in your product or opportunity may be lurking and I can assure it’s many more places than you or I could possibly think up in a short while. You’re not looking to pick a winner every time. This is “marketing” and it’s never clean cut and dry you may go through some trial and error and run a few different ads to discover WHERE your honey hole full of prospects may be but once you do in fact find them you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Now that we have some of the hard stuff out of the way I’ll provide you with a few advertising resources and ideas that you may find quite useful and productive.

#1. Rent-A-List.Com – This is a company that specializes in Spam-Free online mailing lists. There are over 50 targeted categories for an advertiser to choose from and their lists comprise of millions of members. What I really like Rent-A-List for is that they offer several low priced packages that are absolutely perfect for doing a test run of your lead capture page. You can get started with a basic campaign to your targeted category for less than $30. This will serve as an effective test of your lead capture page advertising copy. If you can generate some response with small targeted email blast than you can feel fairly confident in making a larger advertising spend with similar “targeted” services. This little resource could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you use it first to determine the effectiveness of your ad. Remember… This is “marketing” there are no guarantees and we need to use all the tricks and tactics we can to tip the odds into our favor. Testing is one of the successful lead generators secret weapons.

#2. Local Publications (Magazines, Newsletters And Newspapers) – Nearly every city or town in North America will have several locally run print publications that can be an advertisers dream come true if you go about using them in the right way. It could be your community newspaper, a local magazine, a local newsletter or even the coffee news which I am sure many of you have picked up and read before.

These are all excellent places to run an ad with your lead capture page link inside. Most local publications are not as widely read as some of the bigger publications you’ll find such as USA Today and the Wall Street Journal but there is one thing you can be sure of when you run your ad locally. You won’t be competing in a paper that has THOUSANDS of other ads all trying to grab the readers attention at the same time. Unless you have a masterfully crafted advertisement that you have tested and proven to work most of these bigger papers are going to be a waste of your time and your hard earned money. The smaller publications you will be competing against far fewer ads and thus you’ll have a much stronger opportunity to have the people you’re really looking for actually notice, read your advertisement and ultimately respond by filling out your lead capture form.

(part one of two…)

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  • Matt Hanson March 19, 2008, 3:00 am

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  • admin March 31, 2008, 11:28 pm

    Thank you Mark, I appreciate your input and encouragement.

    Cathy Yeatts