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How and Where Do You Advertise Your Lead Capture Page? (part two)

part two of two, by Carl Sorenson, www.ezleadcapture.com

#3. Online Magazines or E-zines – This is an incredibly strong method of online marketing if you can find the publications that are best suited to your product or opportunity. Obviously if you’re promoting a health & wellness opportunity you should be looking for related e-zines. You probably wouldn’t get a great response advertising a health & wellness opportunity to an e-zine that targets financial investors. This is just common sense. You need to get your lead capture page in front of the people who are most likely to respond. Think “Targeted” if you do some simple searches on Google for the term “E-zine Directory” you will find a wealth of different e-zines available to you comprising millions upon millions of subscribers around the globe.

E-zine ads are usually very affordably priced but ultimately it will depend on how many readers the e-zine has, where your ad is placed and how long your copy is. Expect to spend anywhere between $25 – $400 for an E-zine campaign. The traffic that will come from a campaign like this will usually peak on the first or second day of the publication being sent out.

You can then expect a trickle of traffic and leads over the next few days and then it will most likely slow to a stop and you can go ahead and calculate your statistics and figure out if your ad was profitable or if it could be changed to perform a little better next time. Always measure your lead generation success.

#4. Pay-Per-Click Search Engines – The mere thought of search engine promotion scares all but the most hardcore of self lead generation marketers. I’ll admit… When I first started playing with “Pay-Per-Click” I was kind of scared too.

You See… “Pay-Per-Click” works just like that. You will pay your set bid amount anytime someone clicks on your ad regardless if they fill out your lead capture form or not. The real beauty in Pay-Per-Click advertising lies in the fact that you can basically buy your search engine ranking for any given keyword you may want people to find you with. This is much different than getting what’s referred to as a natural or organic search engine listing which can take months if not years to attain and they are not fully in your control.

Pay-Per-Click is not for the raw lead generation beginner unless you like to learn things through trial and error and you have a decent budget to work with. This form of advertising can quickly eat your marketing funds if you play the game wrong. I have written several articles on Pay-Per-Click lead generation and I would spend some time reading them to get a better handle on this form of advertising before you dive right in.

With that said… When you hit the lead vein with search engine marketing you will have hit the mother load of golden leads. Where else can you reach potential prospects at the exact moment and time they were searching for what you have to offer? The answer is you can’t and this is precisely why search engine marketing is such a powerful and productive form of advertising when you know what you are doing.

Some great pay-per-click search engines you could advertise on are.

1. Google Adwords – My Favorite.

2. Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing

3. BidClix.Com

4. Snap.Com

As mentioned earlier I would seriously invest the time to read up on and seek professional advice when you are considering any search marketing campaign. It would really suck to see someone burn up their entire marketing budget with a method that’s proven to work and they just didn’t implement it properly or effectively. Dealing with a pro could make all the difference for you.

#5. Shameless Self Promotion – That’s right. Shameless self promotion can do plenty for your lead generation campaign if you practice this proven method of marketing. Your lead capture page link should be on every single piece of marketing material that leaves your home office. I would place my lead capture page link on my business cards, my brochures even my answering machine message just for kicks. Anywhere and everywhere you can place your link will only benefit you in the long run. Exposure is everything in marketing. If you don’t put it out there…

How will prospects ever find you?

Carl Sorensen is the owner of www.ezleadcapture.com He provides a valuable service to network marketers or direct sales people who are looking to generate their own leads via online or offline advertising. You’ll need lead capture pages if you plan on generating any leads and Carl has your solution.

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