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Home Party Businesses Blueprint for Success

Home Party Plan Business How-To Guide

Home party business opportunities continue to grow in popularity, especially as the economy in 2009 is forcing many people to seek out ways to earn extra money in their spare time.  Home party companies, such as Pampered Chef, Silpada Jewelry and Discovery Toys, are examples of well-known home party companies.  Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware and Arbonne would also fit into the category, along with several candle companies.

Home party businesses typically have pay plans that offer commissions for the sale of goods either in person or through a merchandise catalog. Unlike MLM pay plans, there is usually little emphasis on building an organization and creating residual income.  Simply put, the more parties you can sponsor or host, and the more merchandise you sell, the more money you can earn. If you are a people person and enjoy entertaining in your home (or coordinating parties to be held in other people’s homes)–this could be a legitimate way to earn money from home, either part-time or full-time. Some commissions can be as high as 25% of the gross sales for the event.  Get 20 guests to spend an average of $50 each and you could earn up to $250 for a couple hours of your time!

How to Do Successful Home Parties

As with any other type of start-up business, only 5-10% of people who enter the industry will succeed in earning a consistent income.  The problem is usually not the  home party company that one chooses, or even the products.  The barriers to real success can be more elusive and require that you learn some new skills and strategies.  Learning from someone who is already successful with home parties can cut your learning time drastically…and bring success much more quickly.

I recently came across an excellent How-To manual for doing home parties the right way.  The writer was coached and mentored by Ann Sieg, the author of Renegade Network Marketer and co-owner of Renegade Professional, an online networker training university.

Here’s what you will NOT learn to do:

  • Chase your friends and irritate your family with your business schemes
  • Ambush everyone within three feet of you, at the grocery store, doctors office…anywhere
  • Spend thousands of dollars on (useless) biz opp leads

Here’s what Pat will teach you:

How to use savvy, cutting edge marketing techniques

How to properly plan and execute that plan

How to focus on interested,  highly-qualified individuals by putting systems into place

Learn how to sell yourself, not your products (yes, it’s actually much more effective!)

And much more…

Highly Recommended:  The Little Black Book of Home Party Marketing Success

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  • Bob Firestone August 25, 2009, 7:25 pm

    Not talking about making retail sales. This is the one place where I see most MLM’s are failing their reps.
    Think about this for a minute, if everyone in your downline found 1 new customer this month your sales volume and commissions could potentially double! How awesome would that be!
    People seem to forget that a MLM’s is a sales organizations.
    Would you rather have 100 people selling $100,000 a month or 1,000 people selling $10,000 a month?