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Home Based Business Marketing Made Simpler with Voice Broadcasting?

Home Based Business Marketing

Many owners of home-based businesses underestimate the importance of marketing. Maybe they think of it as an expense that is unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it. A home-based business does not have a storefront for passers-by to notice and there is no opportunity to generate walk-in business.  Because of this, home-based businesses need to market themselves even more! One of the most certain ways to doom your business to failure is to not plan on a marketing budget.

If you cannot afford to plan to spend some money on marketing and promoting your business, then you are very unlikely to succeed in your business. You already know about traditional marketing techniques:  direct mail, tv advertising, radio interviews, press releases and live meetings. Each of these methods have proven successful and should be researched individually. However, there is another way to market and promote your business: it's known as voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting has been around for years and used primarily by major companies with major advertising budgets making it cost prohibitive for small businesses.

However, new and recent technologies have allowed for voice broadcasting to become practical and accessible to small and home-based businesses. A great majority of home-based businesses are network marketing businesses that all depend on one thing: tell as many people as possible about the product or business opportunity in as short a time as possible. Many experienced network marketers understand the following formula for success for truly making money in network marketing:

  • Talk to 30 people per day about your product or business opportunity;
  • This equals 150 people per week which equals 600 per month;
  • Of those 600, 95% (or 570) will buy absolutely nothing;
  • Of the 5% (or 30) who buy or become involved, several may remain customers or business recruits, but only 1 will become a "worker bee" and really engage;
  • At the end of a year, you will have found 12 "worker bees", but eventually 6 of them will quit;
  • This leaves you with 6 who will help to make you wealthy…

Ok. You may be wondering. How in the world can I find 30 people per day to talk to? Consider voice broadcasting. Here's how it works: Every day there are literally thousands of people filling out surveys and questionnaires on the Internet begging for someone, anyone, to contact them about a home-based business opportunity. These lists of people can be purchased at a very reasonable price. What if you purchased a list with 10,000 names on it? Good for you! What next? If you were to try to call all 10,000 of these people it would take you oh…about 10 months to do it. Instead, you can use an Internet based voice broadcasting system to make the calls for you.

The system calls the 10,000 in less than an hour, allowing those who answer live (or to their answering machine) to hear a pre-recorded short message of your voice sharing about your product or business opportunity. The beautiful thing is: only those who are interested in what you have to offer will call you back. So, the system takes care of the cold-calling by "sorting" through all of those who say "no" for you. You only spend your time talking to hot and interested prospects. Obviously, calling 10,000 in an hour beats 10 months. 

This approach leverages your time allowing you to talk to the most people in the shortest amount of time. Remember those 6 in your downline who will make you rich? Can you imagine how many people you and your organization will be able to reach after you train them all on how to use voice broadcasting to reach thousands per month, instead of just dozens? To learn more about voice broadcasting and your home based business, visit this resource

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  • Steve January 21, 2010, 5:35 pm

    This is really good information. I never considered that anything like this might be available. Another good (and very cheap/free) approach to consider is creating and distributing informative videos (actively via targeted email or passively via YouTube).