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Funded Proposal for Network Marketing Success

You may have heard the term ‘Funded Proposal’ floated around, on different MLM blogs and in various home business articles. Why is it important to your network marketing business success?

A funded proposal is a marketing methodology that uses a low-priced front end product (or several products) or service, instead of leading with your higher priced product or service. If you are on online network marketer, this product is something that is useful, generically speaking, to anyone in MLM: a skills training course, a piece of software to organize prospecting efforts, an online training subscription, a low-cost personal marketing consultation…and so on. An example for building a large base of product customers would be to sell sample packs.

The reasoning behind the funded proposal method is twofold:

1. This secondary income stream can provide extra financial resources to keep a network marketer in business. Use the income to pay for web host fees, business lead lists, telephone costs, autoship costs, etc. Many new networkers drop out of the business prematurely because they can no longer sustain their basic monthly costs.

2. Using this method, you will connect with more potential prospects and build your marketing email list. Over time, you can continue to communicate and connect with these like-minded buyers. If the product is very specific to network marketing training, you can be sure that your growing list is filled with other networkers.
This means an end to badgering and chasing after friends and family.

Other resources on this topic:

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  • Larry Rivera November 29, 2008, 12:03 pm

    I think funded proposals are absolutely needed to make money online in network marketing.

    I am using the perfect funded proposal system as my funded proposal…