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Free MLM Training and How to Create Free MLM Leads

In case you didn’t know, Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg have joined forces. They’re providing important new training for the network marketing industry.+ You will soon hear about the new, improved Renegade Professional membership site.

If you are familiar with the Renegade University, you’re already familiar with Mike Klingler.
And most likely by now, you’ve heard of — or purchased — The Renegade Network Marketer, by Ann Sieg.

Mike has highly unusual — and valuable — skills.

He can teach just about anybody how to get free, quality leads from the Internet – for retail products or business

He explains, in quite a bit of detail, some of the ways he does this, in the video interview linked below:

Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg Video

Mike has been in the network marketing industry since 1996. He’s tried everything under the sun — friends and family,
knocking on doors, cold-calling leads, fax blasting, newspaper and magazine advertising, even TV commercials.

But just a few years ago, he discovered the principles of attraction marketing, using the internet. And he was astonished by the results, once he got some details right.

You might look at the Internet a whole new way. Even if you already know about marketing on the Web.

One of the key concepts he talks about is what he calls, “leveraging the news” – this is something that you can learn from this video and begin implementing immediately.

He shows you how to take advantage of hot trends and current events that are going on right now to generate
more leads for your business.

==> How to generate your own mlm leads

He also tells some encouraging stories.

Just one example: You’ll hear about an older network marketer who didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. After just a couple months of Mike’s training, he was generating his own free MLM leads from the Internet.

I encourage you to make time for this Attraction Marketing training video. You will definitely pick up some new ideas.

Oh, and if you have not downloaded Ann’s free report, The Attraction Marketers Manifesto, you can get it here.
There’s nothing to buy. Just some excellent content that you can begin to use immediately.
The Attraction Marketing Manifesto

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