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ForeverGreen: Health and Wellness Business Opportunity Review

Forevergreen Review:

What makes them different from the others?

ForeverGreen is a network marketing company that distributes health and wellness products. It is a debt-free, publicly traded entity that does business in more than ten different countries and employs nearly 50,000 distributors.

Ron Williams founded ForeverGreen in 2004 with tremendous network marketing expertise under his belt. He began as a distributor with Nuskin, and then moved up to become a senior executive with Neways. He founded several successful businesses in the health and wellness industry before starting ForeverGreen. Williams’ goal is to change the perception of MLM from an industry of takers to a global community of givers.

Forevergreen Review: Products Features

forevergreen reviewThe main focus of ForeverGreen’s product line? A drink called FrequenSea. It is made of Marine Phytoplankton, a complete and natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids and fiber. The phytonutrients are reported to provide immune system enhancement, antioxidants, reduced cholesterol and blood pressure and relief from joint inflammation, just to name a few. The popularity of this product has almost overshadowed the company itself, and the other intriguing wellness products it offers.

Most of the people who have tried FrequenSea report that they can feel a difference. They become devoted customers that translate to a good source of monthly residual income for the distributor. ForeverGreen also offers a line of healthy chocolates, each one formulated to meet a specific need in the body. Now that’s innovative!

The ForeverGreen/FrequenSea Distributor Opportunity seems wonderfully hassle-free. There are no parties and no stock to keep or deliveries to make. The company drop ships orders to the customers’ homes.

Forevergreen Review: Why should become a distributor?

It costs less than $200 to become a ForeverGreen distributor, which covers a one-time distributor’s fee and the cost of a case of FrequenSea. Distributors earn retail profits from products sold at a markup of their choice. They also earn 25% rebates on their own monthly personal volume.

There are bonuses for simply for enrolling new recruits, bonuses when your recruits sell and bonuses when your recruits recruit others. There is residual monthly income based on the rank achieved. Distributors who meet certain sales and recruitment goals can even earn cars.

ForeverGreen is one of the few forward-thinking companies, in terms of marketing options for the distributors. All distributors are provided with a web site and a lead capture page, which allows for the immediate integration of internet marketing. And, of course, distributors can sell the products and the opportunity in their communities.

From what I can see, this one looks quite good for Renegade Network Marketers!

If you are a distributor, I encourage you to leave comments here about the products and the online marketing tools. See more articles on forevergreen review.


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