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Earn Extra Income with Silpada Designs: A Direct Sales Opportunity Review

Silpada Designs, a manufacturer and distributor of sterling silver jewelry, is based in Lenexa, KS.

This direct sales company was started by stay at home moms Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh. The two met as school room mothers, quickly became friends and began discussing ways to earn money from home. They tried several business ideas, but only became truly passionate about their work when they started Silpada Designs. This is because in addition to kids and the need to earn extra income, they also shared a love for jewelry.

Silpada Designs began with $25 saved back from a grocery fund. Bonnie and Teresa made the jewelry themselves and sold it at informal parties they called, “A Fun Ladies’ Night Out Playing Dress-up with Jewelry”. The Silpada Designs direct sales opportunity was born out of customers and hostesses coming to them, saying, “How can we get involved? You two look like you’re having so much fun!”

In 1997, Silpada Designs emerged out of the basement to become what it is today. Now it is the fastest growing .925 Sterling Silver Home Show in the U.S., with thousands of independent Representatives and Home Shows averaging $750 in sales. Based on that $750 average, a Representative can earn $450 a week by holding just two average Home Shows, with only six to eight hours of work involved. For a really ambitious Representative holding five shows and working 16-20 hours a week, the annual income would be $54,000!

Representatives earn 30% commission on retail sales. There is no waiting period or sales quota to meet in order to obtain commissions. Representatives can also earn commission on the sales of recruits they sponsor. This begins with the first recruit.

Throughout the year, Representatives who meet certain sales and recruitment goals can qualify for free jewelry and prizes, special conferences in cities across the nation, and annual incentive trips. The trips, called “Silpada SOAR” trips, are set in tropical locations all over the world and Representatives get to bring a guest along for free. The Fast Start Jewelry Rewards Program allows new Representatives to earn $3,000 worth of jewelry in their first 100 days. There are also monthly incentives for established Representatives to earn more free jewelry.

Parties or ‘Home Shows’ are the primary method of distribution. Representatives are not required to make formal presentations at Home Shows. The atmosphere of a Silpada Designs Home Show is very informal, just friends getting together, trying on jewelry and buying what they like. Hostesses can receive up to 30% of the total Home Show sales, and extra bonuses if the Representative obtains two bookings from the party.

The problem with the Silpada Designs business model is that it can be rather limiting. It appears that Renegade Network Marketing tactics may land you in some hot water…

From the Silpada Corporate web site:
According to the Silpada Designs Corporate Web Policy active Independent Silpada Designs Representatives are prohibited from listing on a business directory or other Web site using the company’s trademarked terms, including, but not limited to, “SILPADA” and “SILPADA DESIGNS”. As such, all active Independent Silpada Designs Representatives may not list on this Web site. Any such listing will be considered a violation of the Silpada Designs Corporate Web Policy and will be subject to all remedial actions.
Prospective customers/distributors can use the corporate website to locate Representatives in their area.”

Cost to Get Started

The Initial Certification Fee to become a Silpada Designs independent Representative is $199. That covers the cost of learning materials needed to get started, including tools to help boost recruiting abilities. In addition, Representatives must invest in their own jewelry kits to bring to Home Shows, so that guests can touch, feel, and try on the jewelry before making a purchase. Representatives receive a 50% discount on all belts jewelry and watches.

The Silpada Designs direct sales opportunity might not be for everyone, particularly those desiring to utilize technology in their marketing. However, for jewelry aficionados, it could be a really fun way to earn extra income simply by wearing, sharing and talking about the things they love.

Silpada Associates…if the policies about use of the Internet have changed, or I have misinterpreted, I welcome your comments here.

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  • Nancy Jopio August 9, 2009, 10:01 pm

    I like to know more about being a sales representative.

  • Kelly Jo Landers March 20, 2010, 12:22 pm

    Your mention of the policy is accurate, but incomplete. On public forums, representatives may only list the corporate web site in order to be fair to every representative. However, every representative is provided with a fully interactive website and are able to give this to anyone they speak to. At the website customers can see the entire jewelry catalog.

    Customers can also request more information at the corporate web site and they will be referred to a local representative. Referrals are made on a rotating basis, again to be fair to all representatives and not give any one rep an unfair advantage.

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    Mr. M. Marcelo