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Do Home Business Marketers Ignore a Profitable Income Stream?

Ebook information products can add a profitable income stream to your existing online business.  But have you ever considered creating your own ebook product? Many are intimidated and don't believe that they possess the writing skills needed. You might be surprised by your own hidden talents!

An ebook that teaches a specific skill or marketing method, for example, can be a tool in your attraction marketing arsenal, whether you sell it or give it away as a gift. You can then be seen as an 'expert' on this topic, which will help to build your reputation and personal brand.

Today's guest writer is ebook expert Tiffany Dow.

Home Business Marketers Ignore a Profitable Income Stream

When you first started looking into working at home, I’ll bet your initial thought was to see what you could sell or promote. You were looking for business in a box solutions or products listed in affiliate marketplaces where you didn’t have to do any work other than drive traffic to a site and collect a tidy commission check.
This is a formidable method of marketing online, but those home business marketers who ignore their own product development are missing out on a highly profitable and automated income stream.
Before you balk at what I just said and assume you don’t have what it takes to create and launch your own info product (or you think it’s too hard), give me 5 minutes to change your mind.
While you’re working continually to drive traffic to other people’s info products, they’re enjoying the little army of affiliates out there working for them and making money without having to do any additional work. The product owner has the burden of doing work one time, which is in creating the product itself. It’s the affiliates who carry on the continual, competitive task of traffic generation and promotions for them.
You’re a worker bee and the product owner is the queen bee sitting in the lap of luxury, waking up each morning to see how many sales affiliates brought in. You’re probably thinking how lucky you are that someone else created something you can promote, but let’s look at the flip side.
I want you to be the one waking up each morning to see what affiliates brought to you in terms of sales. There are many ways you can create an info product. Many top gurus hire ghostwriters, send them an existing info product and say, “I want something like this, but unique.” Others come up with their own exclusive ideas and write the product themselves (and by the way an info product can also be in video or audio formats, not just text).
 The most common fear I hear from my subscribers is their anxiety about trying to go up against competitors who are already in a niche. But what if you went to a bookstore like Barnes and Noble and only had 3 books to choose from on a topic? You’d be disappointed, wouldn’t you? What if you wanted to learn gardening – and there were only 3 books. You might want to buy all 3 and more if they had them. Or maybe you didn’t like the 3 books that were there and wished someone had something different – better.
You might be surprised to know that much of what makes these niche gurus popular isn’t that their products are so amazing. It’s because they belong to a group of marketers who “scratch each others’ backs,” so their product launch gets lots of sales and exposure – but also many disappointed buyers. You can see this if you visit a forum and look at reviews of info products.
If you want to be successful as an info product creator, try to think of a slant on an existing topic that you’re interested in that’s unique to you. Or maybe you take one element of the niche and narrow in on it. For instance, instead of a broad gardening book, you might write one narrow niche book on how to grow tomatoes.
The mechanics of launching your own info product aren’t that hard – it’s just that you need to find a guide that teaches you what to do, in a step-by-step fashion. Once you have your eBook compiled and set up online, you can begin attracting affiliate marketers.
There’s one tip hardly anyone mentions that’s very powerful for product owners – worry less about promoting your eBook itself and more about promoting your affiliate program. Instead of attracting one buyer of the eBook, you attract an affiliate who can then pull in multiple buyers.
You can attract affiliates for your own info product by using article marketing (EzineArticles is hands down the most powerful directory to use), setting up a lens on Squidoo, a Hub on Hub Pages, or a Google Knol and talking about work at home money making opportunities, and creating viral video tutorials on YouTube.
Never underestimate your ability to go head to head with the gurus in any niche. If you can write or even outsource your ideas for an audience, then you have what it takes to turn your efforts into a long-term autopilot income so you’ll have to spend less time working hard for the financial benefit of other marketers.
About the author:
Tiffany Dow, former “ghostwriter to the gurus,” is the author of Building an eBook Empire at http://www.guide2ebooks.com, which teaches home business marketers to develop their own info product. She walks you through the creation, launch and promotion of your digital download so that you can start attracting affiliates right away!
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