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Compare: Traverus and WorldVentures Comp Plans

This article provided by guest columnist Laci Blanton.

If you are thinking about expanding your income with a home-based travel business, you might find it difficult to decide which travel company will offer the best compensation plan. There is a lot of hype out there, a lot of Reps saying, Join my company without actually telling you why you should join their company. As an unbiased observer, I researched the compensation plans of two of the top firms in the industry, TraVerus Travel and World Ventures.

TraVerus and World Ventures are network marketing travel businesses. Client bases are built through word-or-mouth or attraction marketing. Agents advance in rank by building sales organizations beneath them. These organizations are where we begin to see the differences between the two companies.

World Ventures organizational structure has two parts, a Lineage Organization and a traditional Binary Organization. The Lineage Organization is made up lines of reps and customers added by direct sponsorship. Direct Sales commissions are earned in this organization.

With the binary tree lie the residual bonuses with World Ventures. The Binary Organization is built on twos. Each rep may only be related to one rep on each side. For example, if Rep A has sponsored Rep B and Rep C, those reps form his left and right side. If Rep A then sponsors Rep D, the new rep must go under Rep B or Rep C. Rep A decides where the new rep will go. This is known as spillover.

Agents with World Ventures can earn weekly commissions by matching three sales credits on the right and left sides of their binary tree. Each match is worth up to $100. Agents at the director level or higher may also earn monthly bonuses by matching sales credits in the same way. Bonuses for these matches cap off at $20 each, but agents can earn multiple bonuses per pay period. There are caps on the amount of bonuses an agent can earn while at a certain rank.

Compared to the TraVerus Travel compensation plan, World Ventures seems limited but refreshingly simple. TraVerus Travel offers a more expansive pay plan based on a 3×9 Forced Matrix. A 3×9 matrix pays three levels wide by nine levels deep. Each level triples in size starting with three on your first level.

Simply put, there is no simple way to put this! In a 3×9 forced matrix, a maximum of three sales fit on your front line, and all other sales made by you or those above you are forced down to your second level and beyond. This is like the “spillover” we talked about with World Ventures. When those below you make sales, they too can only have three on their front line, so all others “spillover” to the next level. In the event that an Agent in your matrix is Terminated or Cancelled your matrix will dynamically compress bringing people from directly below the affected position up higher in your pay line. In the event that an Agent is suspended for more than 60 days then that Agent will also be purged from the system and the matrix will compress once again

When a TraVerus Agent becomes active by personally generating a Travel Agent Package sale, they become eligible to earn Matrix Residual Bonus Commissions. If they personally generate one sale, they are eligible to earn commissions through four levels of the Matrix. At seven personal sales, the agent is eligible to join the TraVerus Platinum Club, a prerequisite to progressing deeper into the Traverus compensation plan.

So, which is the better residual income business opportunity? I am going to answer TraVerus, but only because it feels slightly less limited. However, I find myself wary of a pay plan that is so complex. Does the company not want its agents to know how much they are owed? Also, if member drop-out is of direct monetary benefit to others in the matrix, it seems that struggling agents will not receive the support they need from their upline.

Before diving into a home-based travel business, talk to an agent and find out if both the business tactics and compensation plan are something you can live with. Always take a firsthand look at the fine print.

See the Worldventures Business Opportunity

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  • Lisa September 24, 2009, 7:27 pm

    Montana State Auditor’s Office warns residents about WorldVentures.

    “Pyramid schemes are illegal. Participants in a pyramid scheme that attempt to recruit new members are violating the law and may face administrative, civil or criminal actions against them. If you or someone you know has been approached to get involved in World Ventures or similar programs, please contact the Montana Securities Division at (800) 332-6148.”


  • Robert Frendo November 24, 2009, 12:07 pm

    Just for correctness sake: Traverus has three (3D) compensation plans running at the same time: Front End, 3X9 Matrix and Binary and all the commissions are viewed from the back office in numerical and graphical format for ease of use. There is also the commission generated from the Travel sales obviously .

  • pankaj shrestha December 3, 2009, 7:34 am

    Hi, I am UTA student and last week when I was in the mall, an unknown lady approached towards me and asked me whether I liked to travel if I got tickets at highly discounted price. I replied that I would if it was under my budget. After a general introduction she handed me her business card and said that if I would be interested in getting tickets at wholesale price and also make money out of it. She offered me to attend a meeting in Plano, TX on tuesday (10/27/09). I was excited as well as confused recalling the conversation. I have never attended any meetings besides group meetings related to class. Later, when I tried to google about the company, I was quiet surprised to read about the opposing viewpoints. Some questioned about the legality issues and existence of the company whereas some shared their good experiences with the company.
    On October 27th, I went with my cousin at the office of World Ventures Marketing located at 5360 legacy de, building 1, suite 300, Plano, TX, 76053. I reached there at 8pm since the meeting was held at that time. As soon as, I reached the room, the lady was right there and was waiting for me to arrive. As I entered the room, there were a group of people wearing formal suits and some in casual outfits ready to conduct and participate in the meeting. I was happy to be a part of the team and ready to experience completely different environment. The room was occupied with people having innovative thoughts and full of enthusiasm closely attached with the organization. The speaker gave a brief introduction about the company and tried to convince the newcomers that the company is at a booming stage and those people who started the business would profit a lot after joining the company. He mentioned about the three different kinds of deals that could be offered which are DREAM TRIPS MEMBERSHIP (199.95+24.99/MONTH), LTC PACKAGE 199.99+24.99/MONTH and LIMITED TIME 2-FOR-1 PROMOTION 199.99+49.98/MONTH. It was very interesting to learn about such deals for traveling. The lady who invited me over to the meeting seemed highly passionate and dedicated towards the company and its products. After the main speaker finished his speech, she started speaking on the same topic and ideas which the previous speaker had mentioned earlier. I was enthralled hearing them speak and the ideas was very motivational and interesting. The main focus of the company was to provide good deals in air trips by which you will have to sell it to others and gain profit. After, being a part of a meeting I felt that the company is not fraud and guarantees 100% success once you are a part of their team. Since we know none of the business is 100% successful, hard work is equally important to make money from the business. They have set up the platform to those people who are interested to jumpstart their World Venture business, but it totally depends on the individual to run the business and make the most out of it. If any individual followed the company’s guidelines, they will certainly enjoy the benefits. And, if you are not able to follow the procedure, it could lead to failure and might not seem a reasonable way to invest your money and time for the future earnings.

  • Jimmy Plymouth January 15, 2010, 8:48 pm

    Possibilities with TraVerus 3D Compensation Plan!

    Level 2 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 3 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 4 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 5 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 6 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 7 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 8 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Level 9 Matrix Residual Bonus
    Residual Coded Bonus
    Matching Residual Coded Bonus
    Executive Coded Bonus
    Executive Matching Coded Bonus
    Business Builder Bonus
    Retail Commissions
    Travel Commissions

    Not bad for a $99 Investment during this promotion which ends Jan 17, 2009. Not even bad for an $199 investment for the regular price either.

    I’ve been with this company long enough that their compensation plan can not be compared to any other. David Manning is so proud of this comp plan he’s even broke down in detail how it works. See: http://TraVerusPayChecks.info

    Show me another CEO who does that.

    This industry is all about integrity. And from the looks of World Ventures Rep’s Earning Statement not many are doing well. (It’s public go see it for yourself) A good friend and mentor I’ve had the liberty to meet says “Numbers don’t lie, people do”, this can easily be seen in World Ventures Comp Plan.