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Chews 4 Health National Co-op Marketing

Chews 4 Health, one of the MLM industry’s newest and brightest stars, opened for business just last year. Already, the antioxidant chewable supplements are being branded quite heavily to the public. You may have heard some infomercials on radio or seen some print advertising in major newspapers and magazines.

This mass media marketing which the company calls NCM, or National Co-op Marketing, allows all of the distributors to participate in large, professionally-run marketing machine. I am not a Chews 4 Health associate but I have been very pleased to hear and see the national advertising exposure.

When I first reviewed Chews 4 Health, I remember reading on the corporate site that the NCM was set to roll out in early 2009. It was not an empty promise — and in spite of the doom and gloom of the economy — the advertising rolled out as promised. Kudos to Dr. Friedman and his team! This marketing co-op is unique to this company.  It also appears to be well thought out.  After all, in order to thrive in network marketing, one needs both new distributors AND a healthy monthly volume of product sales.

chews 4 health

Are you a Chews 4 Health rep?
Please comment here about this program and let us know how this is working to expand your business growth.

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  • Ronald Winters August 4, 2009, 11:04 pm

    This national co op has made it so easy to sell my product! Everywhere I go people say, “OH you sell Chews4health? I hear about it on the radio, see it on TV, read about in magazines and even see it billboards!” How hard is it to sell a product that is being branded on a national level? In spite of a tough economy, Dr. Friedman has come through for us! I am earning more money in 1 week than I do in a month working my 40 hour job! Loving the past year, even more excited about the future!