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Renegade Network Marketers know the importance of blogging for reaching prospective leads, product customers and distributors. If you’re an old hand at blogging, you will already be aware of my new favorite tool. However, for everyone else…this web site is a treasure chest of search engine optimization tips and tools. The best part is that [...]


Outsource Compendium by Jeff Mills: Outsourcing Survival Tips for Small Business Owners Sometimes my email inbox is way too full of offers and ‘junk’. Occasionally, however, I am glad for being on some marketer’s list who sends me something useful. This is a FREE ebook, packed with resources for helping the solo entrepreneur, the network [...]


Lately it seems that I have been running across a good number of systems actually designed for online MLM’ers. Just last year, that would not have happened with such frequency, so this is good news for all of us internet network marketers. I have purchased bulk email leads in the past from several vendors and [...]

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Whether you are a new network marketer, or a seasoned professional, there is one thing that probably challenges you on a daily basis: time management. Several years ago, I remember the Daytimer rage. Then it was the Franklin Covey products. Soon came Blackberries and PDA’s, cell phones with web browsing and email capability. All of [...]


Yesterday, we looked at the importance of building your own personal list, and managing that last with a personal autoresponder service. Many business opportunity online systems provide turnkey (replicated) sites for the associates. They also include in-house autoresponders, so that when you drive leads into the system, the prospects will begin to immediately receive information [...]