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Carbon Copy Pro Review

Review of Carbon Copy Pro and Wealthmasters International

by Jenni Ryan

Carbon Copy Pro is fast becoming the premier online marketing education platform for serious entrepreneurs ready to take their internet marketing to the next level. Carbon Copy Pro has always been the main marketing arm for the elite Wealth Masters International and just recently Carbon Copy Pro has now opened up to other internet marketing leaders such as Mark Hoverson and Deagen Smith as a generic system to market any product.

Carbon Copy Pro was created by founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson with the help of Mike Dillard as a solution for struggling network marketers who needed an automated and high converting system to build a profitable business online.

There is an application process involved in starting with Carbon Copy Pro which is the greatest part of the system because it filters out a lot of the tyre kickers and people who are seeking to get rich overnight with little to no work. The application kit is $39.95 and includes The Inside Out DVD and several other bonuses to help the new marketer to understand the mindset and requirements needed to succeed in an online business.

Carbon Copy Pro also has a fully staffed call centre that call your applicants for you and these business coaches are very professional and do not ever use any high pressure tactics which is a welcoming relief in a world of high pressure sales tactics.

I personally use Carbon Copy Pro to market the Wealth Masters International Product because of the high success rate and incredible value of the products. Wealth Masters have just overhauled their product line to make it completely global and relevant to any country in the world.

The product line is the M1  – a 100 day program to help decrease and manage your debt. This product is backed by a 100 day money back guarantee.  The M2 Wealth Conference – a 4 day conference offering wealth creation strategies normally reserved for the ultra wealthy and the chance to speak one on one with billionaires. The M3 is the top product which is a 5 day exclusive conference usually held somewhere exotic and once again wealth creation strategies and private meetings with billionaires and opportunities to grow your wealth.

Pros of Carbon Copy Pro:

  • Marketing training is very high standard and often includes some of the biggest internet marketers online who do special trainings for the members.
  • The professional call centre and the system closing the sales for you. Eliminates the whole fear of selling for a new person.
  • Websites, auto responders and sales pages all done for you
  • Ability to customize and brand yourself through the system.

Cons of Carbon Copy Pro:

  • Overwhelming amount of marketing training and information for a new person
  • Steep learning curve because of the diverse amount of information
  • Need to be at least somewhat internet savvy OR extremely dedicated to overcome the initial obstacles and challenges of learning new skills.

Pros of Wealth Masters International

  • Extremely valuable products in today’s market place. Unique and very good product line created by a former professional Wall street Money Manager.
  • Extremely lucrative commissions (up to $7K per sale) and a new hybrid compensation plan designed and created by Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek and other respected network marketers.
  • Being a Top Tier business model, it generally attracts a much higher caliber person and serious entrepreneurs.

Cons of Wealth Masters International

  • Higher priced entry products that a lot of MLM companies (but  you also earn a lot more)
  • I have been racking my brains for other cons… but really haven’t come across any!

The combination of these 2 partner companies provides a world class business model for serious entrepreneurs.

To learn more visit www.MakeSixFiguresOnline.com

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