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Carbon Copy Pro Review: Why I Left CC Pro…

If you have been paying attention at all to the top business opportunities on Google and Yahoo, you have no doubt seen and heard about Carbon Copy Pro. It’s the automated, online marketing system designed by Jay Kubassek to sell Wealthmasters International memberships. This is a difficult post to write, as I don’t prefer negativity or whining or complaining. Oh, I do plenty of it myself sometimes…but in the end, it does nothing for moving my business forward. This is a bit of honesty that will help those of you thinking about WMI.

The most valuable thing I have learned as a home business entrepreneur is that it’s my responsibility alone to periodically evaluate what’s working — and what is not. And when it’s NOT working for me, it’s time to make a decision and move on. So I ‘d like to pass along my experiences to date with Carbon Copy Pro.

No doubt, Jay Kubassek is a brilliant marketer. He has created an automated online system that has taken our industry by storm in the past 6 months. (Have you tried to bid lately on Google, for ANY good keywords relating to home business, network marketing companies, etc? CC Pro ads are everywhere.)

Here’s what you need to know, if you are considering CC Pro: join at M-2 or M-3 from the start. This means a LOT more money initially, but I am convinced that it’s the only way to survive longterm. I came in at M-1, which cost about $1500. I spent lots of money on Google advertising, purchased expensive leads…and basically did everything the training told me to do. But I had a problem brewing from the start.

What didn’t I create from the start? Leverage. My commissions at M-1 are locked at $1,000. Then there are Paypal fees on each transaction and a required call center fee of another $100. (That leaves about $850) However, with the huge success of the system, and the enormous amount of competition, I was finding it increasingly difficult to break even on M-1 sales. And when you come in at the lowest level, even if you make M-2 (Platinum) sales, you don’t get the commission for that type of sale.

You are told that you can always upgrade later, which is true. However, looking in the rearview mirror, I see that it would have been better to start at Platinum, which is $8,995. Now, that is some serious cash to put out, I know. However, it’s still far less than the most inexpensive franchise opportunity out there. My advice? If you still want to go for it, enter at M-2 and then get your hands on every single one of Mike Dillard’s courses, to get high quality, low cost leads coming in consistently.

  • Building on a Budget
  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • MLM Traffic Formula
  • Best of luck to you. To our success!

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    • Jim Rivas April 4, 2008, 11:21 am

      Many systems like Carbon Copy Pro are created with good intentions. The outcome is typically greater incopme for the person at the top of the pay plan and the person that created the system.

      The real reason systems like this do not work long term is market saturation, and the abscence of niche buidling and personal branding.

      When you want to learn more about both of thse topics, check out Mach1Relationships.com, SamuraiInternetMarketing.com. To learn more about Jim rivas, visit http://www.JimRivas.com or call 713-429-4450

    • Mark Worthen April 8, 2008, 1:35 am

      Hi Cathy,

      Very nice, objective information about CarbonCopyPRO. I don’t think you were whining or being negative at all.

      I also came in at the m1 level but I was able to relatively quickly upgrade to m2 because two of my team members told me they were going to step up to m2. I was able to move up a day before them and thereby practically break even with the commissions I made.

      However, that is a risky way to do it as some folks come in Platinum (m1 + m2) right from the get-go. Thus, I think your advice is very well taken for those who have the capital to do it.

      And I wholeheartedly agree with your recommendation of Mike Dillard’s products. If anyone reading this does not have them, click on one of Cathy’s links and get them! I’d recommend starting with Magnetic Sponsoring but that’s just my preference.

      Also, be sure to join the Community (forum, blogs, articles, videos) and the affiliate program. It’s one of the best affiliate programs around IMHO.

      All the Best,


    • Mark Worthen April 8, 2008, 2:07 am


      I disagree with a couple of points you made in your post:

      1) The CarbonCopyPRO business is a direct sales model, which means you receive compensation for your sales and the sales of the people you bring into the business–and that’s it. So someone who signed up right under Jay Kubassek (the guy who created the system) is in no better a position than someone who signs up under the most recent member (in terms of the compensation plan alone).

      That’s one of the things I like about direct sales–you get paid more for your own efforts and for supporting a smaller team than in traditional network marketing compensation plans.

      That’s not to say that you cannot make big bucks with a traditional MLM–a lot of people do. I simply prefer working more closely with a smaller team as opposed to building a huge organization, running an effective training program, and developing a duplicatable marketing system–the things most very successful folks in traditional network marketing companies do.

      2) I think “saturation” is mostly a problem created in the minds of people who lack imagination and the determination to learn how to effectively market their business.

      For example, I know people who, in the last five years, joined Quixtar/Amway, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Melaleuca–companies that have been around a long time and that some might consider “saturated” but they are doing quite well because they work hard, they are creative, and they don’t let the “saturation complaint” get in their way.

      With regard to CarbonCopyPRO, there are a lot of members placing Google Adwords ads, which can make the market *seem* saturated.

      But PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is only one of dozens of ways to market. Smart marketers diversify their marketing methods and are constantly seeking out new ways to present their information to their target audience. I know you know this fact because you educate and coach your clients to do just that; I mention it here for folks newer to marketing who are not familiar with that principle.

      I totally agree that niche building and personal branding are important. CCPro actually provides a lot of training in that regard for people who want to take their business to a higher level. And it provides a marketing system that does a lot of the leg work for the member that the he or she would otherwise have to do on their own at a higher cost.

      Finally, allow me to say in closing that since you provide education and coaching for network marketers, I wonder if it might not be better to tell potential clients (such as people reading this blog) that even if their market *seems* saturated that via your training and/or coaching you will teach them how to rise above the pack and achieve success.

      All the Best,


    • Catherine Heridis December 11, 2008, 7:23 am

      Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for relating your experience with CCPRO. I am qualified as a M1 member so that I can at least get a a taste on what WMI is all about. Pretty impressive so far and the home study course contains high value information that every business professional should have in their library.

      From my standpoint, I joined the company so that I can LEARN internet marketing strategies that are not taught at all by mlm companies. Most mlms follow the old school of chasing friends and family, holding hotel meetings or meetings in your living room, the 3 foot rule and and buying leads that sends a well-educated person such as myself running out the door. I am personally uncomfortable with the old school mlm training style and left the industry. As luck would have it, I was brought back into the game when I connected with a top leader in ccpro and realized that ccpro was not an mlm and even though WMI is a network marketing company I do not need to use their old school methods. I can use the BIB instead.

      But most importantly, regardless if I have to pass up some sales to my sponsor, I am in the game for the long run. Jay Kubassek’s mission to have 100 millionaires by 2012 is putting his word and reputation on the line so I anticipate that ccpro will last until then. When that time comes, however, I will have all the knowledge, the tools, the networks, the entrepreneurial mindset and mission that will allow me to prosper with any other company of my choosing.