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Blackbelt Recruiting Review

Mike Dillard’s Blackbelt Recruiting is a course designed to improve telephone skills and prospecting skills for network marketers.

If you are debating whether or not this product will benefit you, here are some more details…

What exactly will you learn?

1. The best places to find prospects in your home town.
(And exactly how to approach them so your opportunity is
welcomed with open arms.)

2. How to pitch your opportunity in your emails over and
over and over… without being a spammer.

3. A strange (but extremely effective) way to make money
by referring prospects to other network marketers who are
not even in your downline.

4. How to sit when talking to a prospect face-to-face so
you practically ooze confidence, control and leadership.
90% of communication is non-verbal…

5. A surprisingly simple way to get your new reps
into your company’s auto-ship program.

6. A simple “adjustment” you can make to your TV set that
will dramatically increase the number of new distributors you

7. How to get people ONLY joining at the higher price
levels of your company… and reluctant to join at the
lower price levels.

8. How to “take charge” of every single prospecting call
you make — and even if you are talking to people with
lots of money, power and prestige.

9. The one thing you should never wear when talking to
prospects face to face. (Hmmm…sure gets me curious….)

10. The #1 mistake 99% of networkers make when leaving
voice mails.
It makes you look unattractive, needy, and
creepy…learn NOT to do this.


Avoid the #1 mistake 99% of networkers make when sending
(Almost everyone does this, according to Mike. Plus,
get the exact email template he has used to help sponsor thousands of new
reps with a push of a button.)

Three ways to close the sale without even asking for it…

When calling a prospect a “tire kicker” will make him more
likely to join your business…

How to use resume websites to attract dozens of new

Why high-pressure “closing” techniques do not work…

Ten Words That Almost Force “Fence Sitting” Prospects To
Make A Decision To Join Your Business!

It doesn’t matter if you’re scared to death of the phone now,
if you have any previous “sales” experience or if you just joined your
first networking business yesterday.

Your confidence level will improve drastically, (in ALL areas of your
life), and talking to prospects becomes painless.

If you struggle with sponsoring AT ALL this course could
really change things for the better.

And here’s the best part, in my opinion:

Go through the information for an ENTIRE YEAR…

Use it.

Learn it.

And if you’ve not sponsored at least 10 new reps per month
using the techniques in Black Belt Recruiting at any time
during that year, send it back and receive a full refund.

If you don’t sponsor at least 10 reps per month, you don’t pay.

Get a 35% discount for purchasing Blackbelt Recruiting today.

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