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Berry Tree and Nutronix

The Berry Tree
This is causing quite a bit of buzz on free traffic exchanges and forums. The company claims that it will build your downline for you, into infinity. The business owner must maintain an auto-ship of their product at a monthly price of $49.95. Hmmm…I have to admit this is intriguing.

The following information is taken directly from a company web site:

“The Berry Tree is a new division of 3 different companies that have come together to develop a one of a kind patent pending program. Nutronix International is an 8 year old, debt-free, wellness company doing business in 60 countries around the world. AutomaticBuilder has helped tens of thousands of people find success online by providing exclusive marketing websites and business building tools. Horizons Marketing is an 18 year old company that works with some of the largest advertisors and lead vendors on the internet – these companies do not work with the general pcublic, or small, individual advertisers – they only offer their services to Fortune 500 size companies. One of the unique aspects of being a Berry Tree member is that you don’t have to do the Advertising yourself. A part of every $49.95 monthly membership goes to Advertising, primarily on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) basis. This means if our marketers don’t produce results, they don’t get paid. The bigger The Berry Tree gets, the more we have for Advertising. You can benefit from everyone who joins. The more members we have, the more you can make. So, the sooner you join, the faster you’ll be in profit…”

Low cost of entry. The health and wellness industry already earns over 200 billion dollars per year. Representing a product line in this industry is certainly part of a growing trend. The company does advertising on behalf of the members. Triple-your-money back guarantee on the product. (not clear on the details of this)

The business builder must maintain an autoship for a year or longer to begin seeing any significant amount of income.

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