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Belly Buster Diet

About Belly Buster Diet

Belly Buster Diet was founded by former Mary Kay director Lee McCaskill. Belly Buster Diet currently only operates in select states in the United States, but it is in a constant state of expansion. People interested in working as consultants are directed to call in for more information. The company prefers people with backgrounds in nursing, nutrition, education or psychology.

The company sees itself as a ‘layered distribution organization’ which works in a similar way to Mary Kay’s uni-level plan. Consultants hold parties in which they introduce the products, and can also sell products through the internet or direct sales.

Belly Buster Diet also offers clients the chance to join an annual weight loss cruise which double as the company’s annual convention.

Belly Buster Diet Products

The product line offers a variety of weight loss products to aid people in their quest to get thin.

Appetrim+ is a blend of herbs which Belly Buster Diet claims works to suppress the appetite, increase the metabolic rate and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It should not be used by people with certain medical conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma.

Protein Jello
The company believes that protein is essential in helping the body to shift fat, and has a range of protein foods (e.g. protein puddings, soup, cappuccinos). Protein jello is one of the ranges, and comes in flavors like cherry, lime, raspberry and strawberry-banana.

Trim-N-Shape has kelp in it, which the company claims will stimulate the thyroid. Other ingredients, including fatty acids and lipotropics are said to enhance the blood flow to various parts of the body. Belly Buster Diet notes that you cannot take the pills if you are allergic to iodine, or are taking blood thinners.

Learn more at http://www.bellybusterdiet.com/

Belly Buster Diet

The Belly Buster Diet, As Featured on CNN

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