Avon Marketing For Your Avon Business

If you are currently an Avon representative, or thinking of becoming one, here is a specialized Avon marketing plan created exactly for YOUR business. (note:  I am not an Avon representative, but found this marketing ebook recently)

Trust me when I tell you, ‘sharing’ your Avon website address with friends and family might make a few sales, but you will need an actual marketing PLAN, in order to establish a full-time income (and leave your J-O-B).

And chasing friends and family, to arm twist them into joining you in Avon?  That’s not an Avon marketing plan that will work either.

Learn to connect with people who love Avon already. This is the key and it’s called Attraction marketing.

The Avon Marketing Plan Shows You How To:

  • Start making real money with Avon
  • Start working less and making more
  • Start making Avon work for you
  • Be truly independent