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Autoresponders for Online Network Marketing

This is a lesson that I personally learned the HARD way.

Get an Autoresponder Account of your own.
The SOONER you do this, the better.

When I first started doing network marketing online, over a year ago, I
initially used one of those ‘automated, turnkey’ systems.

It worked fairly well for sorting through my prospects, qualifying them and selling
them on my business opportunity.

It also included an autoresponder, with pre-written messages.

As a brand new online marketer, I was very glad to have every part of my
personal sales funnel pre-made and ready to go.

What I did NOT know, however, is that I was working hard to push prospects into my system…but as soon as I got them to opt-in, they were no longer ‘my’ prospects.
They now belonged to the guru’s system.

I used an alternate email address to opt into my own system…
lo and behold, affiliate offers were being sent out, in addition
to the emails about the business itself.

And when I decided to cancel the online system, nearly 500 leads
that I had paid to generate were virtually useless. Aweber
and GetResponse do not allow this type of list to be moved over,
without going through another double opt-in process. I complied, sent the opt-in
requests again and guess what? Only a few elected to stay on my list. Nearly
500 names, and countless dollars went down the drain.

Moral of the story?

Most people will NOT join our business, as we all well know.
It’s all about putting it in front of large numbers of people
to get the desired result. We are usually focused on that one
person in 100. Don’t forget, however, that you can continue
building a relationship, through emails, with the other 99.
One day, maybe months from now, some of 99 will buy from you.

Get your own autoresponder account as soon as possible.
If you don’t yet understand how to do it, consider paying
someone to set up your account. Go to elance.com or other
similar sites to find a freelancer to help.

It’s less expensive than you’d think. And it will save you
a bundle in the long run.

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