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Attraction Network Marketing Strategy: Know All of Your Information

In order to finely tune your online and offline marketing efforts, you’ll want to look closely at your product, your service and your company from several different perspectives.

You should look closely at your product, service or opportunity and compare it honestly with your competition. Be brutally honest. You must bring value and your knowledge of the industry. This is at the heart of Attraction Marketing.

What companies are marketing the same or similar kind of product or business opportunity? What are the costs for the products or services? What are the enrollment fees for these opportunities? Is there something factually unique about your product or service? This comparison is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your offering in comparison to others. Make no mistake, you will be asked some of these questions by potential distributors. Know the answers ahead of time so that you are confident and professional.

Next, be certain that you have a thorough knowledge of your own company’s products or services. This would seem obvious, but some network marketers have not taken the time for this important step. Your potential distributor will have many questions; be sure to have clear, concise answers prepared. This evaluation and analysis will also give you a deeper insight into how to market yourself, the product and the company. What is the USP ( Unique Selling Proposition)? You must have a clarity about the USP in order to create a clear edge and distinctive advantage in relation to competitor companies.

Sometimes overlooked is assessing the weaker aspects of your company or product in relation to your competitors. No company out there has the perfect compensation plan or the perfect product line–not even yours! Being honest and straightforward about anything potentially negative will actually give you credibility in the eyes of your prospect. Be prepared to answer questions, without becoming frustrated or defensive. Make sure you stay on top of company news, such as pending lawsuits, product recalls and distribution problems. These types of things are available on the Internet, in trade magazines and newspapers. If you can find negative information, your new potential recruit will find it as well. Don’t be caught off guard.

Lastly, after you have thoroughly researched your product, ‘their’ product, your potential weaknesses, and ‘their weaknesses’ — don’t forget to show the value of joining your business opportunity.

There are thousands of mlm opportunities, and thousands more home business opportunities. Why would they want to join your company? If you are properly applying Attraction Marketing techniques, they will join because of YOU. They will be attracted to your knowledge, professionalism and successful mindset. They will want to be a member of a top-producing, savvy and supportive team. What can you offer that is 100% unique? Does your team have weekly or monthly coaching calls? Is there an organized advertising co-op in place? Can you offer beginner or advanced Internet Marketing training?

Be sure that your potential distributor knows every benefit of becoming a member of YOUR downline. Remember, lead with yourself, then with your product or opportunity.
Bring leadership, value and a servant attitude. This is Attraction Marketing.

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