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Attraction Marketing and Getting the Right Prospects to your Online MLM Business

Are you running in circles trying to market your home business, but feel that you aren’t connecting with your ideal prospects? Take a deep breath, clear you mind and make room for a new approach to marketing.

Your ability to answer the following questions and put those answer into practice is essential to giving your MLM business the boost it needs.

  • Who is my target group, and what are their needs?
  • What am I marketing?
  • How am I marketing this?
  • The answer to Question 1 really just involves some basics of human interaction.

    Everybody loves to feel understood. You’ll get a lot further with your target market if you understand what they’ve been through and what their needs are, but first, you must clearly establish who this target market is. Are they young women looking for the newest breakthrough in skin care that will help give them greater confidence? Are they those who have suffered with health problems and are seeking a new answer in nutrition? Or are they stay-at-home moms needing to earn money from home? Identify these things, and you can establish yourself as they answer they need.

    It’s a good practice to put yourself in the place of your target market. What frustration have they met with? Try to empathize with what they might be feeling. Empathy is a wonderful tool, in life and in business.

    Now, don’t worry that it may be underhanded to bring emotions into your marketing. It’s realistic, and it adds a human element to your business. (Again, we’re talking about basic laws of human interaction. People do act upon emotions.)

    How did you answer Question 2?

    If you said, “I’m marketing my company’s products and business opportunity,” you need to shift your thinking. You actually need to be marketing your number one commodity, YOU!

    If you doubt that and still want to concentrate on products, consider this: There are 28.7-billion people* involved in direct selling, and that number is rapidly growing. A lot of them are offering products and opportunities similar to yours. So the important thing to consider in your marketing is, “Why should your target group join you?”

    Give them a reason to trust you. Present yourself as the type of sponsor they would like to work with. Be the kind of leader who is knowledgeable, helpful, informative and approachable. Make your name and face as close to omnipresent on the web as you can. Familiarity breeds trust.

    The next thing to consider as you reconfigure your marketing is, “How am I going to go about this?” That’s a topic for many articles, but I can give a few helpful hints right here.

    Have you starting using the many free sources of advertising on the web? Many Network marketers have successfully used Squidoo, YouTube and many others to get their name, their face and their ideas out on the Internet. There are also good forms of paid advertising, like Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords.

    Articles are a wonderful way to attract prospects who are already interested in what you offer. As you compose your articles, keep in mind the kinds of things your target audience might be typing into the search engine fields. Use those keywords or phrases strategically within your text.

    If article writing reminds you too much of those college term papers, you can outsource your writing projects using a service like Elance that can connect you with thousands of freelancers.

    Use online article directories, such as EzineArticles and GoArticles, to spread your information throughout the Internet. Remember to update your content frequently, so that the search engines will continue to scan your material.

    Reassess your marketing techniques frequently to keep your approach fresh and your name in Google’s sights.

    *Statistic from the Direct Selling Association.

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    • Robert Litton September 27, 2008, 10:42 am

      Cathy is dead on it in her article about Attraction Marketing. I spent years trying to sell my business opportunity to prospects. I finally figured out they could sense the desperation in my voice and that was running them off. I finally started implementing strategies that attracted prospects to me…I did this through article marketing, ezines and other low cost ways to offer opt-ins free helpful strategies and gifts that would help them build their business. This approach gave me creditability becasue I had quit trying to sell them and started offering things to help them. My business, http://www.homebasedprofits4u.com , started to grow quickly after implementing Attraction marketing techniques. This stuff works if you will use it.
      Robert Litton

    • Cathy September 28, 2008, 1:26 am

      Hey Robert,

      Thanks for your comments on the article. Yes, this is the best way to grow our businesses longterm. We must lead with ourselves…and then we have the opportunity, in time, to point someone to our primary business.