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Attraction Marketing Strategy #1 for Renegade Network Marketers

Attraction Marketing Strategy #1 for Network Marketing Success – Know Your Market

It is a simple fact of human nature. If something comes easily, or is given to us, we tend to appreciate it less. The reverse is also true. That is, the more difficult it is to achieve something, the more we tend to exert effort to achieve it.

The Attraction principle is synergistic to this human psychology. The more you pursue people, attempting to convince them to join your business opportunity or purchase the products, the more likely that you will actually repel them.

On the other hand, being a smart Attraction Marketer, you will concentrate on being a living example of success. As prospects are attracted to you, they want to join you and bask in the limelight ofleadership, knowledge and financial abundance.

The first and the most important Attraction Marketing Strategy is to know your target audience. In other words you must know the market of your networking product or service. People don’t necessarily know that they want your company’s vitamin products, for example. Your job is to identify a problem, like allergies or arthritis, and offer your product line as the very best solution.

In order to promote your business opportunity by Attraction Marketing, you again need to identify a problem and then offer your network marketing company as the solution. Unsophisticated networkers push their business opportunity on anyone and everyone; you, on the other hand, will appeal to certain groups of internet searchers, such as those looking for extra income from home. Your business is the solution for this need.

Another target audience are the network marketers who are already working with some network marketing company but are not happy with it. If they are convinced that you could prove to be a mentor to them, guiding them to tangible success, you have just become the solution provider once again.

An effective Attraction Marketer is always looking to identify needs and problems, in order to position themselves as the solution. An intensive brain storming session can bring out several such target customers who would be very interested in your MLM company’s products, business opportunity, or both.

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