All About Agel Enterprises Network Marketing Opportunity

Agel’s story is a triumph of good health and opportunity for personal growth.

More than a decade ago, Agel brought dramatic innovation to the nutritional supplement marketplace. In an effort to improve the quality of life for people around the world, Agel created a better way for the human body to reap the benefits of nutritional supplements.

Rather than supplements in pill or juice form, Agel introduced supplements in suspension gel form, which is more easily and fully absorbed by the body.  Since then, we have developed an impressive line of gel supplements to improve health and well-being. Agel offers 17 different nutritional supplement products in categories that include vitamins, antioxidants, energy, joint health, immune support, glutathione, detox, meal replacement, cardiovascular support, mental clarity, weight management, vision support, sleep aid and, most recently, a probiotic. Click to learn more:


Agel EnterpisesProducts – What You Need to Know

The Agel enterprises company was founded in Utah USA during  late October 2005 and by the first month the company had already own 5 million US dollars of sales…

The company was created by Glen Jensen, who had an idea that would transform the world of wellness and nutrition for good – It was the suspension gel technologydelivery methodology.

For years, elite athletes have been using gel based products to enhance and to boost their performance during endurance events. They used a gel based delivery system because of the convenience and the immediate absorption. Click to learn more:


Agel: Is It Worth It?