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A Word from my mentor, Jonathan Budd…

Jonathan Budd is almost half my age, yet he ‘gets’ the entrepreneur thing like nobody I have ever met. So it’s not about ‘age and maturity’ in business. It’s about our ‘mindset maturity’.

Nobody can inspire and educate any better than this young man, so I wanted to share some of his thoughts, from an email I received today…

“I have something to share with you today that is NOT BEING
TALKED ABOUT in your company presentations. This is information
that is being LEFT OFF your ‘training calls’ that are suppose
to be teaching you how to be a real success in this industry.

Unfortunately, main stream network marketing still hasn’t got it.

The mainstream is still preaching to people to harass their
friends and family, bug people in grocery store lines, or at best…
Buy USELESS generic leads and cold call like a telemarketer.

I don’t know whether it’s the leaders of these companies that
are so clueless about how to actually MENTOR and GUIDE people
as to what creates real success…of if it’s just a massive
conspiracy where these companies don’t WANT us to know this
knowledge because we might not be their ‘Sales Reps’ for their
products any more… (hint hint)

But in any case, I’m going to start teaching you right here
and now what it is that leads to long term and REAL success
in this industry…that you can use to profit from for the rest
of your life.

You see, the first GIANT fallacy that stops most people from
building a real business is the fact that network marketing
companies and their top leaders are trying to teach us that
we are ‘Distributors’.

They are trying to drill into our heads that we are distributors
of the GREATEST products in the world! And distributor is just
a nicer word for “Sales Representatives.”

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a sales representative.

I Am A Business Owner.

In network marketing, my business is ME. It is not the company,
it is not the product, it is not my compensation plan…

My Business Is ME. Period and end of story.

So let me ask you this question…what do you think you should
REALLY BE PROMOTING in this industry?

Should you be promoting your company? Your product? Your
comp plan? Your Marketing System? What should you be promoting
IF your business is YOU?

That’s a question that 99.9% of this industry HASN’T figured
out, which is why so many people continue to struggle to recruit
a handful of distributors while people like myself now sign
sign up more business partners in a single week than most do
in an entire year.

Let me be very clear here…

If YOU are your business…then you should be promoting YOURSELF.

That’s right…if you are your business, then you should be
promoting YOURSELF.

People do not join companies in this industry. They don’t
join products, they don’t join compensation plans, and they
don’t join marketing systems.

Guess who they join?

They Join PEOPLE. They join you…or they join someone else.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So there you have it.

Here’s his Online MLM course. (this is my affiliate link)

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